You have probably noticed the links to on Murdoc Online. If you haven’t checked this group out, why not give it a try?

snipertag.jpgThey are a great volunteer organization that collects gear for our overseas snipers and gets it to the guys who need it. It’s a bit shameful that our snipers, who are playing such a huge role in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other less-publicized places today often don’t get the specialized gear that they need to be at the top of their game. means to remedy that situation. They’ve helped snipers in over 300 platoons so far, but as word of their effort spreads the demand keeps growing. Couple this with the fact that the Army recently announced it was going to double the number of snipers that they train and you can see that our snipers and designated marksmen are going to be short of gear for some time to come if we leave it to the official channels.

Murdoc’s been fortunate enough to get an opportunity to write a regular column in a shooting sports trade magazine, and I just sent off my first attempt. It’s a write-up of AmericanSnipers and, if I get the gig, my second will feature a couple of the items often included on sniper wish-lists.

I’ll be writing more about these guys as time goes on, but don’t wait for me. Go check out the site, see some of the great things they’re doing, and consider buying some cool AmericanSnipers gear or making a donation of cash or equipment.