They already broke the big X-Band radar

Missile defense radar returns to Pearl Harbor for repairs

Still more trouble for the troubled National Missile Defense program:

A powerful floating radar that will be part of the national missile defense system had to be shipped back to Hawaii for repairs to its platform, delaying arrival at its home port of Alaska.

The $815 million X-Band radar had set sail March 31 from Pearl Harbor but returned four days later. The Missile Defense Agency said the platform, which remained in the harbor Wednesday, suffered damage when water leaked through its ballast piping, affecting its ability to partially submerge and re-emerge from the water.

Pics of the beast first arriving at Pearl in January.


  1. Why would our enemies spend the money on ballistic missiles when they can just drive a WMD in from Mexico on a truck?

  2. I think we are spending way to much money on this project. While I don’t think it should be completely abandoned(i’m sure they’ve learned lots of things from the project) I think it should be demoted to an experiment with a vastly smaller budget instead of a major national project that eats up billions. With exceptions to the ship-based interceptors which were doing decent last time I heard.