John al-Murtha

In today’s WSJ OpinionJournal’s ‘Best of the Web‘:

Great Minds Think Alike

— “Murtha Assesses U.S. Army as ‘Broken’ “–headline, Washington Times, Dec. 2, 2005

— “Al-Zawahri Says U.S. ‘Broken’ in Iraq”–headline, Associated Press, April 29, 2006



  1. al-Murtha’?????????? Like you Murdoc, I also have never served. However I have the common decency not to compare genuine real deal Marine Drill Instuctor to our enemies.

  2. Aaron: You aren’t suggesting that anyone with an Arabic-sounding name is our enemy, are you? FWIW, I don’t know much about the ‘genuine real deal Marine Drill Instructor‘ John Murtha. I am only familiar with the ‘defeatist partisan politician‘ John Murtha.

  3. Wow. I agree with–Aaron. Murdoc: 787 Aaron: 1 While I agree it’s interesting to point out the similarities, and one can call Murtha a ‘defeatist’, perhaps justifiably, the difference is that one of them wishes harm to our country, the other wishes to do well for it, even if he may be misguided in his attempts. IMO, this difference probably makes the title of the article a bit uncalled for, even if regular readers know what you’re trying to say. Ya, it’s humorous, but I still say it’s not called for. And y’all can say you were there… Aaron made a point. And had backup. Just…wow.

  4. It’s not even that humorous… Aaron, haven’t you ever heard of the 1st Amendment?!? Here’s what I’m getting at: What people say matters, and when demagoguing for political points you need to remember that our enemies are listening and using what we say against us. Murdoc calling Murtha ‘al-Murtha’ is a cheap and stupid slapshot at someone on the other side of the aisle, and by taking it I probably do a bit to discredit ‘my side’. Aaron and his ilk will point at it and say ‘See? What a pack of idiots! Why listen to anything they say?’ Meanwhile, in Iraq, insurgent recruiters are saying ‘The infidels’ army is broken! Even their leaders say so! Just blow up a few more convoys and they’ll leave!’

  5. Murtha would beat the piss out of you if you looked to him cross. You want the man’s respect, you can climb up those chevrons and get it. Tough-on-the-phone types like you make the left actually look like an option during wartime, as much as that pains me to say.

  6. ethan: Expalin how a stupid joke headline from a lower-tier blogger which was told to make a point makes ‘the left actually look like an option during wartime’. You haven’t explained what your outrage is. You haven’t explained why you’re outraged. You haven’t explained how that discredits the Right during wartime. You haven’t explained anything that makes the Left an option. Because Murtha is tough I’m a jerk?!? And, even if so, that means the Left is an option during wartime? That’s pretty stupid. And I’m not all that tough-on-the-phone.

  7. Murdoc did not ‘compare’ him, the Wall Street Journal did, which MO linked to. Also, you can compare anyone to anyone- you could compare Mother Teresa to Al-Z if you wanted. Comparing is not the issue- it is what that comparison yeilds. In this case, a leftish leaning former marine politician and a enemey terrorist are reported saying the same thing. Wheather that is good, or bad, or means nothing is up to you- as niether MO or the WSJ provided analysis.

  8. I agree with Steve. While I think the *TITLE* of Murdoc’s post wasn’t necessarily appropriate, Ethan has had the unfortunate effect of essentially putting me back on Murdoc’s side. Murdoc didn’t make the comparison at all, he just linked to someone who reported they think similar things. Ethan, it’s funny. I’d say the childish nature of your post (see Murdoc’s response) makes youre ‘side’ look bad, but I can’t tell what side that might be.