Strykers to replace Fox NBC vehicles in heavy brigades

Happened to notice this at the end of a non-subscriber extract from Janes:

According to Col Fuller [the US Army Project Manager for the SBCTs], the broader army is also starting to look at the fielding of Stryker vehicles into units outside of the SBCTs.

“And an example is, in the HBCTs, they have an [M93 series] ‘Fox’ vehicle that provides them with their NBC reconnaissance capabilities,” he explains. “In the Stryker brigades, we field three [Stryker-based] NBC RVs. The army has just made a decision that it will start to field [Stryker] NBC RVs to the heavy brigades. Currently I am funded to provide two-each NBC RVs to 30 HBCTs.”

The first Stryker brigades used Fox NBC recon vehicles since the Stryker NBC recon variant has just recently been fielded.