Friday Linkzookery – 5 May 2006

It’s the special “Day Late and a Dollar Short Edition“! Obviously, I’m a bit behind with Linkzookery this week. Sorry. Send me an email for a full refund.

I’ve been remiss by not mentioning some great posts about at the gas price issue, so here they are:

Be sure to read the comments sections, too. Both ACE and Chuck have more to say on the issue, as well, so check them out.

Campaign under way to have a ship named after Cowtown
An LCS named USS Cowtown? Oh. USS Fort Worth.

Good news for B-52s
“A House subcommittee of the Armed Services Committee has voted to block the retirement of B-52 bombers from the nation’s fleet”

Hybrid reality check
David Axe at Defense Tech on the trouble the military has trying to go hybrid and a response.

Iraqi completes Ranger training

Ganstas in the Military
I’ve been hearing more and more about this. Troubling?

The Desecration of a Veterans’ Memorial
Thank God goodness that they’re going to remove such an offensive perversion of the Founding Fathers’ vision…

‘Nightmare’ awakens for 3-D release
Jack Skellington in three glorious and terrifying dimentias. Um…dimenSIONS.

AMD Billboard Boasts of Lower Electric Bills
“Chip makers use power efficiency, not just chip speed, to lure customers.”…Everyone’s trying to make money off the energy crisis.

Defense Tech Drops Beats
Noah Shachtman, um, has an album out. Of music. Really.

White Guilt, War Guilt, and the License to Kill
Everyone seems to be talking about that Shelby Steele article.

Gone, But Not Out
CJ of A Soldier’s Perspective is starting a group milblog thing. Should be good.

The Gulf of Tel Aviv?
Persian Gulf? Arabian Gulf? What to call it?

“Los Rangers”

AR action with AK round?
ACE on an AK AR. Read ASAP.

Perils of Polygamy
“Three’s company, four’s a crowd?”

The Glenn and Helen Show: Alternative Fuels and Alternative Media
Excellent webcast at Instapundit.

US Spends $50.9M for 79 More Cougar JERRV Mine-Resistant Vehicles
79? After the past three years they’re buying 79 more? Why not 179 more? 579 more?

Funding for alternative strike fighter engine restored

Gary Sinise, Lt. Dan Band Rock Pentagon
With pics. Very cool.

Nonlethal ways to stop dangerous vehicles sought
To neutralize potential suicide bomb vehicles without shooting up the neighborhood.

Military plans quicker hurricane response
Even though Nagin has a “new” plan?

Senate approves funding for more C-17 aircraft
Up to a total of 183 from the previous level of 180.

Don’t blink: F-15 aces doing their last round of shows
The F-15 demonstration team is standing down.

Danish troops to stay in Iraq
They’ve got 530 men there right now.

Cassini Takes Sharper Look At Xanadu
And sees Olivia Newton-John on roller skates…”and there you are, a shooting star!

‘Cloaking device’ idea proposed
They’ve already developed a “force field” for the Stryker. Why not a “cloaking device”, too? (Lonnie Shoultz would still complain about our Romulan warbird using tires instead of tracks, though…)


  1. ‘A House subcommittee of the Armed Services Committee has voted to block the retirement of B-52 bombers from the nation’s fleet’ Good news for BUFF lovers!

  2. Thanks for the link, as always, …doc. Saw a History Channel special on the B-52 just last night. It hurt to see several hundred B-52s being destroyed as part of an arms reduction treaty. They showed how parts are taken off junked B-52s to support those 330 or so (as I recall) still in service, as many parts are out of production. Over 700 were produced, if I recall correctly (my short-term memory is shot, so don’t shoot me if I’m wrong, please). The show said the B-52 was expected to be around until 2040, would would be a record for any aircraft. Hope it makes it.

  3. Should have read the linked article first. It says only 94 are still in service. At the rate they are attriting (is that a word?), and with politiicians anxious to kill them; I doubt they’ll last until 2040. Politicians would rather spend our tax $ to buy B-2s, which cost what, something like $300-400 million a copy? ACE

  4. the B-52 article was interesting. Although I question the need for ‘Task Force 21,’ Minot AFB isn’t going anywhere, at least not as long as it has 150 Minuteman III missiles armed and ready.

  5. ACE – 94 is a big chunk of our current bomber force. We only have 20 b-2, which IIRC production has ended for, though if we did build anything new as you say it would be lots of taxpayer bucks for home-state pork.