I wish I had thought of this headline


The top two seeds in the West are out. Go Avs!


  1. GO DEVILS!!! Murdoc, didnt think of ya as a hockey fan. Anyways, good luck to the Avs. I hope you realize Joe Sakic can’t carry the team on his own, and they better prepare for that in later matchups.

  2. Come on Murdoc, a matchup between the Wings and the Avs would have been great. Not quite like the halcyon days of McCarty vs the evil Lemieux in 1997, but better than whoever the Avs meet in the next round. I bet NBC isn’t too thrilled that the Wings are out already. May the Avs suffer the ignominy of losing to the Ducks.

  3. Jim: I wouldn’t have minded Avs-Wings, if only because there would have been no pressure on the Avs to win. But I don’t think they would have.