Absolutely freaking brilliant

New Orleans unveils hurricane evacuation plan
Mayor proposes more buses, no Superdome shelter for 2006 storm season

The sheer genius of this plan is undeniable. They are really on top of things down there. No worries.


  1. Choc – o – licious ! Dat Mistuh Nagin is one sho-nuff smart melanin-enhanced personage Yo Ray ! Next time, make sure that welfare checks are sent out BEFORE the storm hits Word

  2. Random Questions 1) Has anyone thought about working out a deal with Grayhound. Sort of like the deal the military has with the airlines. In times of emergency the military gains control of a certain number of aircraft. The civilian reserve fleet. This would be a hell of a lot cheaper to the tax payer, plus insure that we have buses in good working order with proven drivers. (and Greyhound gets some good press + some extra cash) 2) On Ray Neggins Memorial parking lot. How much did it cost us? I would guess a shool bus is not too cheap…and it looked like there were a few hundred buses there.

  3. Didnt they have a plan last time also ? All they realy need is a plan to implement ‘the plan’. I bet it also cost a few million to make this ‘new plan’ too 😉

  4. As far as I can tell, aside from the addition of Amtrak and the deletion of the shelters, this is the old plan. You know, the one they executed so well last year, with all those buses they left in the parking lots to get flooded. Using Greyhoud wouldn’t be that effective, thanks to the tyranny of distance. Greyhound’s fleet is spread all over the country. With Katrina, the evacuation order was given only 48 hours before the storm hit (their plan required 72 hours, minimum). Even 72 hours would be stretching it to get any significant number of busses into marhsalling areas outside the city, get them escorted to pick up sites (which would be required if the city was being evac’d, because all the roads would be going out) pick up people, and get them out again a safe distance ahead of the storm. At best, you’d get one trip per bus. Use of city school busses (as called for in both the old and new plans) is a much better alternative, because they’re already on site, and already in one place. It’s just a matter of getting the drivers to report for work.

  5. Nothing like kicking off the comments with some Blackface, Ohio. I think you nailed three slurs for the price of one. Nice work. As is often asked on Defensetech — uuuh, I love talking about defense and technology.

  6. vicenzo: As I’ve said before (and should be clear to anyone who reads regularly) MO is not a ‘military and defense only’ site, though the majority of the stuff is military/war related. I’ve really toned down the politics and cut out almost all sports, Michigan-centric, and random topics. ‘Murdoc Online: Military, Politics, and More’…’Everyone is entitled to my opinion’. Defense Tech, at least by virtue of its name, can be expected to be almost all defense and/or tech stuff, but it usually is.

  7. i don’t see the need for an evac. plan. as section 8 checks are a federal matter, they can be distributed in any jurisdiction. and are being. my point……before you had 450,000 squatters. now you have 140,000 affluent people in NO. what school bus plan? what greyhound plan? there won’t even be a traffic jam next time around. and there will be a next time in the not to distant future. only this time the only loss will be the taco/burrito stands. the evac. has left the building.