Keeping low up high

Ramadi, Iraq (April 28, 2006) – U.S. Marines take a low position and formulate a battle strategy to flush insurgents from their fighting positions during a rooftop gun battle in Ramadi, Iraq. The Marines are attached to 2nd Battalion, 28th Brigade Combat Team, deployed with I Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward). U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Samuel Peterson (RELEASED)

From Navy News Stand.

A few interesting tidbits in this photo. (Here’s a huge version, and a super-huge version is available at the Navy News Stand link above.)

On the left is a videographer taping the two in the center of the pic. They’re going over a map. Some brass is visible. And in the back are what appear to be two Iraqi soldiers, one of whom has a sniper-type weapon.


  1. completely off topic comment: last night i passed through the ‘nightline’ broadcast and saw something i’ve not seen on legacy TV. they were doing a segment on UAVs that were flying over baghdad being controlled out of Nellis(?). i believe their intent was to show that american military monsters are walking amongst us totally undetectable. what they did show was night footage of a couple of goons digging a hole in a road to place and IED. the UAV let loose a hellfire and blew the……well, funniest damn thing i’ve seen in weeks. and i don’t care if it makes me a ‘bad person’ for my reaction to seeing the so-called ‘insurgency’ blasted to allah. next time tie a pig to that hellfire.

  2. I think that long barrel more likely belongs to an RPK, although it looks like it has a folding stock, which is bizarre. The SVD, and it’s Iraqi made counterpart both have flash hiders, and I can’t see on in the pic. Interestingly, the brass looks like 7.62x54R-the caliber fired by the SVD and PKM. Also note what looks like an RPG launcher leaning against the wall in front of the left-most Iraqi troop.

  3. Does anybody know what kind of grenade the soldier in the foreground is carrying? It doesn’t seem to match any of the color-coding systems.

  4. The Iraqi on the left looks like he has rpg rounds in the pouch on his back, so the launcher makes sense. I find it odd that he doesn’t have a visible rifle as a backup unless its blocked from view. The guy to the right of him doesn’t appear to have any large ammo pouches or whatnot on him but the stock and long barrel do look like some of the PKM varients I’ve seen. The position of his goggles on his helmet backwards might indicate that he does infact have a SVD style weapon and thus rarely uses the goggles.

  5. The rifle belonging (I assume) to the Iraqi on the left is leaning on the wall just to the left of the RPG launcher. The long barreled rifle could either be an SVD or an Iraqi made al Kadesh, with the flash hider removed. The stock looks, from this angle, like an underfolder, but I’m guessing it’s a skeleton type, and the shadows are messing with me.

  6. ‘next time tie a pig to that hellfire.’ Geez louielouie, Whataya got against poor innocent pigs?