IAEA fails again


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  1. Middleofwoods,VA (AP) President Bambi Al Ahmadinejad stated today that ‘the hand of Thumpallah will rain fire on all Cabela’s stores…and Mossy Oak too’ The stunning announcement by the leader of the Islamic Republic of the Whitetails is the second in as many weeks. Last week the radical leader issued a jihad against Ted Nugent for his crimes against the faithful. ‘That damn redneck will wish all he had was Cat Scratch Fever before we’re done with him’ proclaimed Al Ahmadinejad last week during a rousing speech from the meadow. Ted Kennedy, before collapsing in a drunkin’ stupor, said that the only one to blame for the wildlife’s acquisition of nuclear weapons is George W. Bush. In an informal survey of Nobel prize winning economists they all come to the conclusion that the poor and minorities are surely to suffer the most.

  2. If the pheasants and quail get the BOMB V.P. Cheney doesn’t have a thing to worry about. HOWEVER If the B.A.R. association goes nuke it’s GOOD-NITE Dick!

  3. class action nukes?!? yikes pixar ‘toon- Sounds like fun to me, less work for them too considering Ol’ Ted is already a cartoon.