ROTK is the only hope

I haven’t seen Matrix: Revolutions, yet. I’m a lukewarm fan, at best, of the series. What I hear about the final film seems to confirm my concern that all the hoopla about the supposedly deep philosophical, quasi-religious subtext of the movies is basically so much bullshit. Still, I’ll see it in the theater if the opportunity arises. Maybe in the IMAX.

Despite this, when the opportunity arose, I instead chose to see Alien, the redone Ridley Scott classic. As I passed the screen for Matirx: Revolutions, I questioned my decision to see a 24 year-old film that I’ve watched dozens of times.

By the time the trailers were over, I remembered. Nothing, not even the Aliens Vs. Predator, made me sit up and say “Wow! I want to see that movie.” At least I got to see a stuntman explain how movie piracy hurts his feelings.

Filmgoers should make a tear-jerker spot about how every time they plunk down eight bucks for American Wedding vs. Evil Dead II they get ripped off.

Can you believe they spend money to make all these crap films?

I’m just asking.