Iraq’s take on the blackout

Blacked-Out Iraqis Offer Useful Advice

Here’s an Iraqi Top Ten list of ways to deal with a power outage. Among the best is

5: CHECK FOR BITTER-ENDERS. “They should go to the power stations and see what the problem is,” suggested Ahmed Abdul Hussein, 21. “Maybe there are followers of Saddam Hussein who are sabotaging their power stations. That’s what happens here.”


2: USE FOUL LANGUAGE. “When the power goes out, I curse everybody,” said Emad Helawi, a 63-year-old accountant. “I curse God. I curse Saddam Hussein. And I curse the Americans.”

Also, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has declared a state of emergency.

In the still-dark Motor City, meanwhile, Detroit Police Chief Jerry Oliver said 22 people had been involved in some minor looting overnight.

What makes the chief think the looting had anything to do with the blackout? It’s DETROIT. Trust me, folks, things are a lot better there today than they are when the Pistons or Red Wings win a championship.