It ain’t only in Afghanistan, either…

Al-Qaida training militants in Afghanistan to use IEDs

Lt. Gen. Sher Karimi, chief of operations for the Afghan National Army on AQ:

“They are active by training some elements to terrorize people and also use IEDs (improvized explosive devices), remote-controlled mines on the roads and approaches and also use some of the very minor tactics like ambushes in some areas — hit-and-run type of tactics,” he replied. “And, of course, they train some of the people which are for their benefit, like Taliban and also smugglers who are engaged in narcotics.”

You can bet money it’s not just AQ in Afghanistan. Every terrorist, insurgent, and wanna-be guerrilla is learning the art of the improvised explosive device. The IED is the Molotov cocktail of the 21st century asymmetrical war. As I wrote in March:

…insurgent groups around the world are upping the number of bomb-makers in their ranks.

We aren’t moving quickly enough to get our troops better vehicles for the environment they’re fighting in.


  1. Long ago and far away, we used choppers to stay away from booby traps and deliver us right into their back yards. I guess supersized, hardened vehicles are cheaper than helicopters today. What ever happened to speed, surprise and destroy? Papa Ray West Texas USA

  2. Helicopters are still widelly used for transportation here in the sand box. The ground patrols used to clear major highways or to make contact with the local population is what gets hit. I find the piece revolting. M1 tanks are getting blown up by EFPs. The more we armor the bigger the boms. Just because there are more bombs does not mean that they are more effective, just that it takes more bombs to try to do some damage.