Gratuitous Stryker pic

Stryker Presence
A soldier with Red Platoon, Assassin Company, 414th Brigade, guides a Stryker during a presence patrol in the city of Rawah, Al Anbar Province, Iraq, April 21, 2006. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Pfc. Renato Lara

Click for bigger version. Rela big version at the DoD’s Transformation site.


  1. Um…I think the PAO types are having another attack of not understanding the units they’re photographping. First of all, there is no ‘414th Brigade’ at least not one equipped with Strykers. My guess is that it might be 4-14 Cav, from the 172d SBCT (AK based, now in Iraq). Now, many tank & mech units use Red-White-Blue call signs for the1-2-3 platoons in a company (or troop). And ‘Assassin’ would be the call sign for an A Company. So I’d guess we’re looking at a vehicle from 1st Platoon, A Troop, 4-14 Cav. Although I thought the RSTA Squadrons were equipped with the RV Stryker variant (easy to ID because they don’t have the remote weapon station, which this one does.)

  2. HL, It’s most likely a Stryker from the infantry company that is part of the CAV TF that’s in Rawah. So, the PAO dude is probably correct in calling it a company as opposed to a troop, but was clueless beyond that.