More tweaks

Murdoc’s always tinkering with things a bit, trying to make MO look better and work better. Here are a few items of note:

  • You may have noticed that the ‘trackback’ feature is gone. I’ve always liked trackbacks, but I don’t think a lot of people ever really understood them, and the very very low volume of legit trackbacks finally convinced me to ditch them completely.
  • Instead, I’ve added a little Technorati graphic to the individual post (next to the ‘Printer-friendly’ link) which links to the Technorati list of incoming links.
  • For a few weeks I’ve been using a Google-based site search engine instead of the MoveableType engine. I don’t know that I like it as much. Thoughts?
  • Firefox & Opera users: Do you like the maximum-width version of MO? (Only those with screen resolutions wider than 1000 pixels will notice.)
  • I’m putting together an MO email newsletter thingy, which will probably be published on a weekly basis. Any interest?
  • Now that I’ve got the image and bandwidth issues finally resolved, I’ll finally be able to go ahead with something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time: Podcasting. What sort of things would MO readers like to listen to?

As always, do not hesitate to contact me if you have some sort of technical issue on MO, or if you have suggestions for improvements. I do everything myself, so I’m sure that the glitches and bugs abound. But that also makes me able to try new things fairly easily. Let me know.


  1. I typically prefer web pages that can adjust to my full screen width, so I can fit more on the screen. I can always make the window smaller. However, I’m sure that your web site looks more like you intend it to on my monitor now that you’ve limited the width. So, I don’t really mind either way. I’d be interested in a newsletter although I visit Murdoc Online often enough that it’s probably not necessary, if you were to post the same information up on the blog. I’ve been enjoying OpFor’s ‘podcasts’ (in my day they were called MP3s). I think you should pick whatever you think you’re an expert on/what you can contribute mostly to. I can’t really think of what you post here that would be relevant for audio broadcasting, but perhaps something similar to what you do at Winds of Change would make sense.

  2. Nicholas: I really didn’t like the look of things over 1000px wide and I’ve read that too-long lines really hurt readibility and make people lose interest. I know that people can narrow their window if they want, too, but it also wrecks things with floated images sometimes, so I’m trying it out. Not sure if I’ll keep it or not. The newsletter will probably be along the lines of a ‘This week in MO’, especially geared for occasional readers. Regular readers might not find it too valuable unless I add newsletter-only content, which I’m hesitant to do. I’m thinking that the podcasting thing will probably deal with media headline issues and the like, less with military tech unless I can get some cool people ‘in the know’ to participate. Probably more of an opinion-ish thing for the most part. I’m not exactly sure what direction to go in with it, but I’m almost 100% sure that I won’t be singing.

  3. OK, well, my job involves staring at 1600×1200 screens full of small font text so I’m quite used to it 🙂 I can find a way to override it if I hate it I guess. I don’t listen to radio because I don’t like what’s on it. But, I do like listening to someone speaking. So if you start a ‘Murdoc’s News’ series where you comment on the latest stories etc. then I’ll be interested in listening.