Theodore Rex Audiobook

I completely forgot about posting on this. While driving to and from the MilBlog Conference last month, I listened to the audiobook of Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris. It was a great listen, both informative and entertaining. Of particular interest to me were the issues surrounding the Panama Canal. I guess I wasn’t very familiar with the controversy or the role that Roosevelt and his administration played in it.

Morris proves the perfect guide through TR’s eight breathless, fertile years in the White House: years during which the doting father and prolific author conserved millions of Western acres, swung his “big stick” at trusts and monopolies, advanced progressive agendas on race and labor relations, fostered a revolution in Panama (where he sought to build his canal), won the Nobel Peace Prize for mediating an end to the Russo-Japanese War and pushed through the Pure Food and Drug Act.

It is not a biography. The book opens with Roosevelt on the road at the time of McKinley’s death and ends as he leaves office. The book is apparently the second in a three-part series covering Teddy’s whole life, but I haven’t read (or listened to) either of the others.

I listened to the cassette abridgement of the book. It’s also available on CD and on unabridged cassette.


  1. I have not read (or listened to) Rex yet. I did read ‘The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt.’ Just amazing. It did make me feel absolutely stupid at how little I’ve accomplished so far in life. I think TR did more on a Friday sfternoon.