14 Rules of Dean’s World

One of Murdoc’s daily reads is Dean’s World, manned by Michigander Dean and a fine crew of co-bloggers. This past weekend Dean put up a great post that, among other things, listed 14 points that form the basic bedrock of the site:

We are:
1) Very hawkish on the Global War on Terrorism
2) Very pro-American (i.e,, the quite-flawed and totally imperfect United States is one of the greatest forces of Good in human history)
3) Very pro-Muslim (meaning, supportive of the vast majority of Muslims who hate terrorism and are often the victims of it)
4) Very Pro-Israel (as imperfect as the Israelis are)
5) Very Pro-Arab (not “Arabist,” just pro- the Arab people)
6) Very anti-fascist, anti-communist, and anti-totalitarian
7) Very Pro-Democracy
8) Very defensive of gay rights and minority rights
9) Not particularly sympathetic toward minorities who play the victim card
10) Very pro-women’s rights but not particularly sympathetic to radical feminism or to extremist views on abortion
11) Very pro-men (we like men, men aren’t the “bad guys” and often get kicked around more than they should be)
12) Very much believers in the 2nd amendment
13) Very pro-science and rationalist, yet not at all anti-religion
14) Very against campaign finance “reform” laws which muzzle independent free speech.

He goes on to discuss his theories about why the site, which is rated quite high by all measures, rarely gets attention as a “major player”. He goes on to mention some other great sites that don’t quite fit into anyones neat little cubby-hole universe, and lo!, he listed MO for some reason.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to say that that was one of the finest compliments Murdoc Online has ever received.

Before I noticed MO’s inclusion on that list, I had already decided to post on the 14 points, but after the compliment, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it without looking like a suck-up. I still don’t know how, so I will merely point the 14 items out and say “HEAR, HEAR!”

And if you don’t read Dean’s World, you’re missing out.


  1. Nice site……………though he is not accepting accounts enabling people to post comments on his articles (unless you send him a note on why you’re special).

  2. If you want to comment, go ahead and send him the note. You have a reasonable chance of getting it, given that you contribute positively to the comments over here 🙂

  3. I’m afraid that, too me, the influence of political correctness and red toryism can be seen in these 14 points. That’s a bit unfortunate. Ah well, compassion and tolerance, ces sont les dieux du monde. Rifleman Lockwood CF

  4. I relate to that list fairly well, but I’d have to add this to my own description: Very pro-law and pro-law-enforcement This is, of course, regarding fair, just, and Constitutional law (see item 12–Pro-2nd Amendment!). And it especially regards enforcing our current immigration laws and protecting our borders!