Well, okay, question it a little

Don’t Question Their Patriotism

Dave Price at Dean’s World has part of an interview with the band Godsmack, whose songs are used in some military recruiting ads. I’d say “unbelievable”, but that would not be true.

UPDATE: And check out Dean’s Understanding the 4th Amendment while you’re at it.


  1. Sounds like to me that Godsmack typifies a large percentage of folks right now. It’s all about them and what they can get rather than thinking down the road a couple of clicks to see what the implications of their actions may be. They don’t care where the money is coming from, just so long as it comes to them which sure seems to be the way that many in government are treating the American public right now. Get it while you can and damn everybody else. Disclaimer: I am not saying that the military is not a good way to go for folks, because it is. It helps to introduce discipline and restraint as well as provides the path for many to continue on with their education, but for others….. it certainly is not a good place for them.

  2. The people who are reading this blog, and Murdoc, and myself, we think about this stuff. We have opinions and facts about the military, foriegn policy, and whatnot. However, the vast majority of the population, and particularly musicians, do not spend free moments on the metro or while commuting pondering the relative merits of 6.8mm v. 5.56mm ammunition for a new US assault rifle. Or researching the connections between various middle eastern governments and terrorist groups. Sully, he’s proud of his country, is happy that he was born American, and so when the US Navy asks to use one of his songs, he’s happy. He doesn’t have to think about it much, and most people wouldn’t. Even people who are against the war don’t really weigh the issue, they just say no. Anyway, he’s got a new album out. His publicists set him up with interviews. He expects to talk about the new album and the band – which is an entirely reasonable expectation. And he gets blindsided by this jackhole. Jay might know more about what’s going on in Iraq, but even still, he doesn’t win. The best part is at the end: SULLY: What is this about?!? JAY: Because listen man! You know there’s 2,800 people, my brothers and sisters, have died over in Iraq? SULLY: Yeah? JAY: You know 30,000 Iraqi humans WHO NEVER DID SHIT TO US have died because of the attacks we’ve made over there? [6] SULLY: [in disbelief] And that’s Godsmack’s fault? JAY: Did you know that 78% of women in the military report cases of sexual harassment? [7] SULLY: [sarcastic] And that’s Godsmack’s fault. JAY: No, man-SULLY [interrupting, sarcastic]: That has to do with our new record. JAY: Okay, let’s talk about your new record. SULLY: I can’t believe this. This is [inaud] JAY: Let’s talk about that new record, my friend. SULLY: Get a life. [hangs up]

  3. Poor guy. He seemed nice enough. This Jay was treating him like a hackey sack – to be kicked around for his own amusement. Buckethead’s right, but you know what? If you haven’t thought deeply about a big issue, you should keep your pie hole shut. I’m not going to give people advice in areas I don’t know anything about, so perhaps those who know little about the military or the world stage on which they operate should do the same.

  4. Funny – it’s a running theme in the comments at the originating site, that the band ‘sold out’ to the DoD for the filthy lucre. Well, DUH HUH HUH The first time any act goes into a professional studio backed by a major label, they’ve sold out. ANY ACT. Because when that label fronts a couple g’s for studio time, they see it as an investment- it’s raw capitalism my friends, served up with a garnish of art. Johno can riff on this much more intelligently. Oh, and B- regarding this comment: ‘most people do not spend free moments…pondering the relative merits of 6.8mm v. 5.56mm ammunition’ I’m 34 years old, and am JUST NOW begining to fathom that what you say may be true.