“It felt as if I had fallen and hit my head”

Marine takes headshot, walks away

Leather necks and concrete heads, I guess:

“Something told me that this was going to be a set up, a pretty usual tactic for the insurgents to use against us,” said Lance Cpl. Randon O. Hogen, a fellow infantrymen and member of [Pfc. Fred M.] Linck’s fire team.

Hogen’s gut instincts were right. Somewhere in the shadows of the concrete buildings, an insurgent was waiting for the Marines to come into his view.

“I was running back across the street after we had confirmed that the IED we responded to was in fact not one, when I heard the shot,” said Lance Cpl . Kelvin J. Grisales, fire team leader and friend of Linck.

A single shot cracked through the air. Everyone jolted and not even Linck, who was hit, knew what happened.

“After the shot rang out, I remember hearing someone screaming ‘Man down, Man down,” Linck said. “I realized a second later that man was me, I was on the ground.”

Incredible. More info and pics at the link above.


  1. Any idea what type of bullet this is? Sounds like a sniper shot though, considering the single shot. In that case I didn’t realise that a helmet could stop a 7.62 round. Is it meant to?

  2. V, Traditionally, no. Military body armor is designed to reduce casualties caused by shrapnel or other debris flying around the battlefield. This position came from the realization that exploding artillery and such were more injurious than actual direct small arms fire. Not that no one thought it would be a great thing to have a body armor system that was bulletproof, but the technology until very recently was little more than a life vest with a steel plate insert. Where we are today though is with modern materials technology it is becoming possible to field personal body armor that can consistently defeat small arms fire. The fact that it can is testament to the quality of material and manufacture. I’m told the Army has a kevlar helmet on display somewhere that performed similarly in Grenada. Or maybe Panama.

  3. If thats the new and improved MICH helmet, then its meant to stop up to at least 7.62×39 according to the armor rating. Of course thats if I remeber the data right.