I hope no one called him “al-Murtha”…

After His Cut-&-Run Remarks, Murtha Gets Heckled at Speech

Gateway Pundit notes this:

Rep. John Murtha called for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq during a university commencement
speech, drawing mixed reaction.

“We don’t care. This isn’t about graduation,” Leonard Pierce, the parent of a graduate, called out several times from the
audience during Seton Hill University’s commencement Saturday.

Murtha ignored the brief disruption and told the audience that Iraq has failed to restore prewar levels of oil production and still struggles with inadequate electrical power.

“Claims of progress and victory” have been contradicted “by the real conditions on the ground,” said Murtha, D-Pa.

Gateway Pundit also points out a weblog which apparently covered the event. The page won’t load, but here’s the cache.


  1. MO, Murtha’s a douche for pulling this. Commencement’s about the new graduates, nothing else. Matter of fact, precisely because it’s about the new graduates, commencement speakers really need to keep it brief and get it over with, so everyone can get to their fun. It just tweaks me when someone hijacks an occasion to talk about something entirely irrelevant to the activity at hand, and holds a couple thousand people hostage to do it.