Last WWII carrier is for sale

According to Strategy Page

The last World War II era aircraft carrier, the former British HMS Vengeance, is available, in working order, for $4.5 million. Launched in 1944, the 12,500 ton ship was one of twelve Colossus class light carriers. It saw service in the British, Australian and Brazilian navies.

This was noted a few months back on Strategy Page, and I posted it here on MO, but apparently the post was lost during my struggles with MSN Groups.

I googled and found this link detailing the offering. The asking price hasn’t come down in the past few months. Also, I’m confused by the statement that this is the “last World War II era” carrier. There are a number of US carriers from WWII laid up or used as museums. Maybe they mean the last “operations-ready” WWII carrier. It’s a steal at only $4.5 million, but the real costs would be in crewing it and getting an airwing to operate off of it.