Aquaman Trailer

How about a little light news for the weekend?

Last fall, word of an “Aquaman” television series by the producers of “Smallville” was heard. More recently, it was rumored that the series would run on the CW Network, a new channel merging the WB and UPN networks that will debut this fall. A pilot episode titled “Mercy Reef” was produced. But when the fall line-up for CW was announced, there was no Aquaman to be seen.

A trailer was leaked somehow onto the WB server, and it was copied and posted to YouTube before it could be pulled. Check it out below. Murdoc doesn’t watch much television at all, but he might have given this series a couple of episodes to hook him.

Much, much more “Aquaman” info at AquamanTV.

UPDATE: Trailer has been pulled. It looked possibly interesting, though I’m more than a bit skeptical that they could get more than a season’s worth of good stories. Even in the comic books Aquaman had trouble holding up over the long run.


  1. Boring I’d rather spend my time watching History Channel (if they would stop with the Da Vinci Code stuff) or Boomerang for Tom and Jerry.

  2. ‘Aquaman was always the golf alpha yankee of the superfriends.’ Holy alternate lifestyle, John. I always thought Robin of ‘Batman’ fame fit the same catagory! You know, Bruce Ward’s pantyhose clad ward.

  3. While I did watch Man From Atlantis during its brief run a quarter century ago, I have never been a big Aquaman partisan. Aquaman is, frankly, a pussy as far as superheroes go. He can breath underwater and talk to fishes. That’s it. He’s got no attitude, no style, and his costume is lame. Batman has no superpowers, but a few minutes in the batlab would result in an underwater breathing device good for days and a universal piscine translator. And of course, Batman can kick Aquaman straight to the moon and back. Since I can’t see the trailer I have no way of commenting on how they put this together. But with a decent backstory and a little re-imagining, it could still be cool. It would have to be more than MFA, which was really nothing more than Patrick Duffy swimming a lot.

  4. Livio: History Channel or ‘Tom & Jerry’? I know what you mean…I can never make up my mind between those two options. Dean: I almost think that Aquaman might make a better movie than a TV show. Two hours of Aquaman could be pretty cool, fighting giant squids and Black Manta and all. A series might get a little boring a little quickly. John: ‘The Superfriends’ show (if that’s what you were referring to) was a PC-ish abomination of super-hero story-telling. ‘Wonder Twin powers…ACTIVATE!’?!? Everyone in the Superfriends was golf alpha yankee. Toejam: I’ve never really ‘got’ the whole Robin thing, but I’ve also never really bought into the golf alpha yankee talk, either. Buckethead: Funny, but ‘Man From Atlantis’ is the first thing I thought of while watching this trailer. I dimly recall the series, and I’m pretty sure I watched it every week while it ran. Seems to me that every episode involved him getting locked up or tied up or otherwise prevented from getting into the water at the climax, then somehow he’d manage it at the last second and save the day.