“I’m not a Ranger but I play one on YouTube”

Hilarious: Anti-war poseur fronted out at Hot Air



“Operation ‘Iraqi Freedom’ is more like Operation ‘Iraqi Slaughter’.”

Uncle Jimbo and Blackfive point out a few problems with this guy.

He just doesn’t want to “betray his ‘battle buddies’,” which he says deserve “a lot of jacked up stuff” for doing what they do, which is “terrorizing”.

I doubt that this is truly the work of the IVAW, though. They can’t be so dumb as to fall for this, can they?

UPDATE: John at OpFor has a roundup of some Jessie Macbeth coverage.

Blackfive in the comments on the post at his site:

Calling a fellow Ranger a “Battle Buddy” will get your ass kicked. Seriously.

Murdoc’s been laughing about the “battle buddy” thing all day long. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard this month.


  1. And about that sleeve roll … it ain’t Marine either. We rolled ours up evenly. I don’t know squat about Army badges etc… but from the physical appearance and demeanor in the photo. FAKE!!!!!

  2. Piece of S*** I use that to refer to pieces of software quite often. Made by a certain company, whose name I will not mention, but rhymes with Ikerosoft.

  3. Oh, POS also means ‘Point of Sale’. i.e. the machines they have at checkouts. But, it’s fairly appropriate. Many POS systems are a PoS. 🙂

  4. pos also means ‘police officers special’- refering to the car model variant cops drive. and piece of sh-t, sure, that too. and rangerman- well thats just pathetic.

  5. With eye-brows like his I’d guess he was the grandson of Groucho Marx. And, if I’m correct, the duck will come down and give me $100!

  6. HAH! I was searching and searching for a military meaning for POS, and feeling like an idiot for not being able to figure it out. I don’t feel like much less of an idiot now that I know it’s meaning though 🙂 Thanks