“Stop Enlisting, Start Resisting”

War protest targets recruiting center

In Murdoc’s neck of the woods:

Grand Rapids resident Lori Freye realizes one small protest at a military recruiting station won’t stop the Iraq war in its tracks.

But Freye, 20, believes she must stand up against a war she believes has nothing to do with terrorism.

“We feel that this war would not be possible without the military and without recruiters.”

So does that mean that their goal is to destroy the military by preventing volunteers from joining? And that without a military war would be impossible? Great! And just think of all the extra people available to grow apple trees and honey bees and snow-white turtle doves.

Murdoc wonders what the war is about, though, if not about terrorism.

“We feel that the only motivation behind this war is oil and money.”

This ran in Sunday’s paper:


Some folks don’t like to admit, though, that the O-I-L excuse is just as popular as the 9-1-1 excuse. Okay. A lot of folks.

As for these particular geniuses who think it’s a good idea to dismantle the American armed forces:

“We’re going to keep doing this until it’s over.”

By “this”, Murdoc thinks she means the campaign in Iraq, so I hope she brought some sandwiches or something.

She said this on Friday. Murdoc is thinking of heading down there to see if they’re still on station. Bets?


  1. From my 60+ years on this earth I’ve learned the basic 20-year old brat’s expertise is usually limited to: sex, drugs and rock and roll. OH, that was the hippie’s agenda in my era. OK, we’ll update those facts: sex, drugs and hip-hop!

  2. Haha. I have to wonder though, is a protest really going to put recruits off joining? I just don’t think potential recruits are the kind of people who would be swayed by a stunt like that. Not in the direction the protesters would like, anyway. Ya know, without a mililtary, there’s a whole lot that isn’t possible. Defence, for example. Talk about suicidal DNA… where did evolution go so wrong that people behave in such a way to undermine their own survival?

  3. Shipmates, I have always thought it might be fun to have a recruiting party outside the local bohemian coffee shop, where all the leftists hang out. In fact, I may just consider that for a weekend or two this sunner. Make up some pro-America T-shirts and signs, Gin up some flyers with the phone #’s and addresses of the recruiting stations, etc, and stand out front. Let’s see how deeply they respect tolerance, eh? Respects, AW1 Tim

  4. Tolerance is only for liberals. Don’t you realize that we (conservatives) are a bunch of materialistic, uneducated, hate-mongers that fear anything we don’t believe in? Besides, if we recruit a bunch of hippies, what good will an army of human shields be?

  5. Two questions 1) At what point do we get to question these pansies patriotism. (please say we don’t have to wait until they get caught wearing suicide vest or working the AQ car bomb shop) 2) When will we get a leader that will A) lead by making rally speeches like the old timer Presidents did Teddy Roosevelt, ect. B) when can we enact the Espionage and Sedition laws again? http://www.lyceum.org/events/HD2003/2100/Doc.htm Hell in this case purposely admitting your goal is to bleed the military of resources, ala fresh recruits, we with a little ballsy leadership go straight for outright Treason for actively purposely aiding and abetting the enemy. Its past time of being nice and its time to put the Seditionist on the defensive let then worry about defending their actions to the people instead of just attacking a leadership that wont even face the enemy from within. By the way Belmont has a great piece about the infiltration of our nation by a mentality that hopes to destroy our nation from within. http://fallbackbelmont.blogspot.com/2006/05/restarting-clock-of-history.html