“This is another example of the Taliban’s vision for the future of Afghan children”

Nope. Muslim extreme fundamentalists aren’t “bad guys”. They’ve just got a different way of looking at things. A way that says torching schools to prevent education is “good”.

I’ve pointed out before the campaign in Afghanistan by rebels/insurgents/terrorists to keep kids from getting an education.

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — The commander of Combined Joint Task Force — 76 condemned today a terrorist attack on a children’s school in Laghman Province yesterday.

Early Tuesday morning, eight people set fire to Katal School in Mehtar Lam destroying the principal’s office and a storage room filled with supplies, notebooks and Korans.

“This is another example of the Taliban’s vision for the future of Afghan children,” said Maj. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, commander of CJTF-76. “Extremists want to deny children and education in the name of religion, and they demonstrate their point by desecrating their most sacred books.”

According to a witness, four of the eight criminals carried cans of gasoline into the school, while others toted rifles, machine guns and rocket propelled grenade launchers.

Investigators think an RPG was used to spark the blaze. There were no reported injuries to local citizens.

Besides this heroic arson, other rebels/insurgents/terrorists are on the offensive in Afghanistan, swarming out of their caves and safehouses into Coalition fields of fire:

And that’s just in the last 11 days.

Also, there’s this: Enemy fighters lay down arms in Kunar:

FORWARD OPERATING BASE SALERNO, Afghanistan – Enemy fighters in Kunar Province are responding to the most recent effort by the Afghan government to encourage reconciliation with the democratically-elected government and cease attacks on Afghan and Coalition forces, according to officials at the provincial coordination center in Asadabad.

Since the start of Operation Mountain Lion, 22 former anti-government fighters have taken advantage of the government’s Takhim-e-Solh program, also known as the “Peace Through Strength” program. The program reintroduces low-threat leaders into Afghan society. At least 30 former fighters have been in contact with Haji Rouzi, the PTS office director in Asadabad.

Rouzi, former governor of Kunar, said recently that a large number of former militants have tried to contact him in order to participate in the program. He said Kunar has the highest number of people who have reconciled among the 1,100 who have done so across seven provinces in the program.

Coalition forces welcome the trend, and are hopeful the operation will result in an increased number of fighters entering the program, said Army Lt. Col. Michael Forsyth, of Task Force Spartan.

“The PTS program is a critical piece for the Government of Afghanistan,” he said. “The bottom line is, the more fighters we convince to pledge their allegiance and loyalty to the government of Afghanistan, the less time we will spend using Coalition forces to defeat these insurgents.”

Forsyth said the time saved from reducing kinetic operations allows the Coalition to assist the Afghan people further develop their economy and to fund reconstruction projects.

Has anyone seen any recent stories in Legacy Media about Afghan rebels turning in their weapons? I sure haven’t. Considering how berserk Legacy Media goes over handgun buyback programs in the US, I find it curious that anti-government fighters in the quagmires of the world surrendering their firearms isn’t a bit more newsworthy. Maybe that’s just me.

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  1. notebooks and Korans.’ so now the islamofacist/terrorist/looneys are burning their own holy book????? wait ’til the imams in denmark hear about this.