mtugraphic.jpgThe latest and greatest is up at Winds of Change:
Military Transformation Uplink: May 2006

Some of This Month’s Targets of Opportunity Include: F-22A Raptor; F-35 Joint Strike Fighter; No retirement for U-2; Huge blimps & ISIS; Portable weather balloon for communications; Mini-UAVs at the commando olympics; YOU can train on the US Army’s latest weapon; Hybrid lack-of-vigor; 2nd place means no Trophy; Non-lethal anti-vehicle weapons; Troops that don’t like the extra armor, Troops that love the extra armor; A preliminary scorecard for the First Information War; Britain’s new carriers; Australia’s new amphibious ships; Westpac keeps on expressin’; Seabasing?; RFID; Energy – A Conversation About Our National Addiction; Containerized hospitals; New US Air Force unis; MREs that don’t suck quite so much; Getting lean; VDH on transformation & war; More procurement power to US combat commanders? And more…!

Murdoc’s zeroing in on a few things mentioned in the Uplink, and you should be too. The material and links can be springboards for blogging, water cooler discussion, and political infighting. Get in on the fun!

More to come. (And be sure to tell your friends. Everbody’s doing it…)