Yah! Mule!

(from Marshall Ramsey)


  1. I think it would be more accurate if ‘Intelligence’ were being driven by a blind man labelled ‘Iraq Strategy’ pulling the tank, which should be labelled ‘Military Capability’. Of course there should also be some big tow trucks around labelled ‘International Support’ who have had there wheels shot off by a cowboy and his posse. I’m not sure what the cowboy and his posse should be labelled, but I’m working on it. ***

  2. Would you have a few of the ‘Internation Support’ truck drivers depicted as ostrichs with their heads in the sand? Could even have a few of them quietly removing lug nuts from other country’s trucks to keep them from joining the mule-pulled tank going nowhere. Might as well call all the spades spades… ***

  3. Fair enough. Perhaps SOME ostrichs, perhaps SOME lug nut theives. It broadens the picture, but doesn’t change the other parts. ***

  4. Hey, Murdoc. You need to get a site artist to whip this stuff together for us. We have expectations, you know… ***