Comments down

Spent the last couple of hours working on comment problems due to a friendly spammer. Thanks to the overload, MO was completely offline for a while, and individual post pages were down for even longer. Everything now seems to be working, but I’ve had to disable comments temporarily. Sorry.

UPDATE: Okay. Comments are re-enabled and seem to be working. My apologies for the interruption in service.

I’m also going to be trying something different to reduce the load on my server with regard to comments. Readers should see no difference, but my primary host, Verve Hosting, would probably appreciate it if comment flooding at MO didn’t cause all sorts of unpleasantness for them. If you notice anything odd please let me know.


  1. Comments are still not working for me, …doc. 😉 May you and anyone who is or has served our country have a great Memorial Day.