Bill Roggio arrives in Afghanistan

He sends a note to Glenn Reynolds:

I’ve already dug around a little bit about the violence in the city yesterday after a US vehicle killed 1 to 3 Afghans during a traffic accident. The consensus among the folks I spoke to is the protests after the accident were staged by groups waiting for such an event to happen. I made the comparison to the reaction by some Islamist groups in Afghanistan (and elsewhere) after the Muhammad Cartoon riots, where the “spontaneous protests” were anything but. there was agreement on this point.

More at Instapundit. Roggio continues to exemplify the “new media”.


  1. Nicholas: Don’t think it was an oversight that made me leave his double-post up, either. I might not hurt him but I ain’t gonna clean up his mess either… That’ll teach ol’ Charley for even DARING to point out an inaccuracy on MO. LOL. At least Charley didn’t suggest that the typo invalidated my entire post. I used to groan when someone would read a 15,000 word Steven Den Beste post at USS Clueless and then email saying ‘that attack started at 0745, not 0800…if that’s the level of your knowledge on this subject, I don’t know why we should take anything you write seriously…’

  2. Hehe. In case you can’t tell I was making a rather lame pun. Yeah, one of my pet peeves is when you’re having a serious debate and the people you are debating try to change the subject–whether it be via pointing out spelling/grammar errors, bringing up some new (possibly unrelated) point, etc. It’s like trying to pin down an eel sometimes. Nothing turns me off a point of view faster than its defenders being unwilling to discuss it seriously… if you can’t discuss something based upon its substance you might as well not bother. But anyway, my post above was entirely non-serious 😉

  3. Safe bet on the extraneousness of the demonstrations. At many of the ministries, demonstrators were seen handing out anti-US and anti-Karzai leaflets. Your call, but this is what I saw. The accident happened at about 0830 local. At 1000 local, CNN was showing professional looking news tapes of Afghan police arriving on the scene of the accident. Thats pretty fast, when one considers that traffic in Kabul at that time of the morning looks like the junction of I-95 and the Washington Beltway at 4PM. Awfully fast considering the police were coming from a couple of blocks away. Spontaneous? You decide.