I refuse to even type the word “battleship”

DD(X), battle-wagons, the ‘Argo’, and arsenal ship-ish discussion over at Brickmuppet’s. He seems to be more or less in favor of all four designs…Now that’s what I’m talking about!

He has a comments section. Shore bombard him for a while.


  1. Comrades, Well Murdoc, NOW you’ve done it…. sic’d a bunch of opinionated folks over on to a poor defenseless blogger who unwittingly decided to dive into the DD(X) Vs BB’s debate….. This ought to be fun….. Respects, AW1 Tim

  2. More selfishness than cruelty, I think. Murdoc’s just trying to get the battleship whiners and DD(X) crybabies to go away and argue somewheres else.

  3. Hey, at least we’re making fun of you for ditching your responsibilities as a milblogger, rather than filling up your web server with 200 nitpicky comments BB v. DD(X)