KC-135 heading into Gerald Ford International

Was out working in the yard yesterday and noticed that the pattern for the airport was bringing them in not too far from our house. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does we are treated to a non-stop line of aircraft coming in. They weren’t as close this time as they sometimes are, but as this one came in I said “that’s a military aircraft”. Beyond four engines, I couldn’t really make out any details with the naked eye, so I quick grabbed the digital camera, hit the 12x zoom, and snapped a couple.

I lived in Colorado Springs for seven years a while back, and I must admit that I miss seeing the military planes coming and going.


  1. MO, I have lived under the shadow (literally, at times) of AFRES C-5s for most of my life. Well, C-130s until around ’84 or so. Also the local ANG unit is losing its A-10s for F-15s. I can’t even imagine what life would be like without the continual roar of military jets.

  2. my uncle works the tower at Ford International, heh, will tell him to adjust the pattern towards your house Murdoc. And for the record, that’s a 135. Our other refueler, the KC-10, has an engine mounted on the tail.

  3. GL: One of the coolest things I remember from the Springs is being out for a run one afternoon and these A-10s were out doing something or other over and over again. Whining past (almost overhead) then shooting away (relatively speaking) and coming around again for another run.

  4. I live near Fort Polk, and about once a month a group of A-10’s will fly over my house just a couple hundred feet off of the ground. I’ve never understood why people say the warthog is a quiet plane.

  5. The A-10 is a quiet bird. Just ask (Umm you better sign) the guys over at the Harrier flight line.

  6. James, I only saw an AV-8 do its thing once- I say I ‘saw’ because once it started taking off my hearing plugged up. Murdoc and Kevin: Sometimes I had to take the interstate which at times crosses perpendicular to approach paths at a civilian airfield and the ANG facility. Sometimes A10s ripped across the highway so low I could see the warning decals on the fuselage. It sure was embarassing to show up for work with a boner all the time.

  7. I live in the pattern of the Charleston AFB and have the chance to see some very interesting planes..especially if an air show is on the calender. C17s, C5s fly over the house every day. Had a chance to see a B1 take off. They make one HELL of a lot of noise. Cheers, D