“We do not want a hot occupation. We want hot occupiers.”

[Israeli] Army cracks down on low-riding soldiers

The Israeli Defence Force has brought 120 female soldiers to court over military uniform pants that have been altered into “low-riders”:

Flatly rejecting complaints that standard-issue trousers are “unflattering” to the female figure, the army disciplined the offending soldiers with fines, and in some cases, confinement to base.

“As part of the IDF’s enforcement policy, it was decided that the Northern Command will also be stricter on making appearance conform to standards and on discipline,” the Israeli Defence Forces said in a statement. “Thus, female soldiers who lowered their pants were ordered to exchange them, and disciplinary action was taken.”

The title of this post is taken from a commenter on Ynetnews.com calling himself ‘Kassam from Ramallah’:

“If the IDF sends us these low-cut platoons, then the IDF is welcome in the West Bank. We do not want a hot occupation. We want hot occupiers.”

The story notes that soldiers interviewed said nearly all females in the Israeli army alter their uniforms, just not as much as these particular women. Murdoc is absolutely certain that nothing like this happens in the US armed forces.


  1. Would it be so wrong of me to offer to be a one man civilian review board on this issue? I believe I could be objective about the attractiveness, I mean, utility of each uniform.

  2. Ya know, if they did like the US military and simply didn’t tuck their uniform tops in, nobody’d worry about this. Yeah, BDUs/DCUs/ACUs make my wife’s butt look bigger than her hip huggers. SFW. By the time I time I’m looking at it, the whole uniform’s coming off anyway. 😉

  3. In the olden days I proudly fought alongside female troops, shoulder to, uh shoulder. Alas, after a series of deadly blunders caused by distracting low-cut fatigues and lots of harmless pinching, the army decided women werent fit for service. Not when Im in charge.