The Cougar

cougarvshumvee.jpgThree years on, hundreds make mine-protected vehicles

Force Protection’s JERRV Cougar vehicle used to be produced at the rate of one per month. Now one of the mine-resistant 4x4s comes off the line each day.

“The bad guys don’t like these vehicles,” [Michael Aldrich, vice president of sales] said. “We are coming up on three years, and we have not had close to a fatality. The worst we have had is a broken wrist.”…

…There are more than 130 Cougars and Buffalos in Afghanistan and Iraq. The vehicles have taken about 1,000 IED hits without a loss of life, said Wayne Phillips, a company vice president in charge of Marine Corps programs.

Some of the Cougars will be getting a new 360-degree camera system soon to increase their capabilities.

A recent $445 million contract to supply the Iraqi military with Cougars will mean even more ramping up for Force Protection. At least 395 and maybe as many as 1,046 of the vehicles will be built for Iraq.

Force Protection is also developing a smaller general purpose utility vehicle called the ‘Mover’ to compete to replace the Humvee.

MO noted the Cougars last year.


  1. Old news. I noted the DoD announcement of the contract on 30 May. You must be getting slow in your old age…

  2. This is something that could really benefit from CROWS, I think. Then the people trying to blow it up would like it even less…

  3. That is one big vehicle compared to the hummer. Do you think that they will make a civilian version? That would make for one intimidating SUV parked in the shopping mall parking lot. Just the thing for towing your boat.

  4. Another Charleston, SC comment. This vehicle is made 20 miles outside of Charleston. They have hired many additional employees lately. The chassis though is made by a company in Michigan called Spartan Motors..ticker SPAR FYI only.