Only in San Freaking Sisco

New world record established for most people dressed as Smurfs

I will let the facts speak for themselves:

Some 290 people from across the U.S. established the first world record for “Most People Dressed as Smurfs” during San Francisco’s famous “Bay to Breakers” foot race earlier this year.

In establishing the record, participants donned traditional Smurf and Smurfette attire, complete with blue face paint, white pants or skirt, blue shirt and white hat. Organizers of the event aptly dressed as “Papa Smurf,” the 542 year-old village leader who wore red trousers and a red cap.

During the race, Smurfs took turns pushing a 12 foot tall “Magic Mushroom” (Smurf Cottage) outfitted with Smurf beverages, tunes and a DJ dressed as the notorious villain Gargamel.

Murdoc will give these freaks a pass because it was for charity. But sheesh.


  1. The whole of the Bay to Breakers is basically an nuthouse in running shoes. I ran it once-ever see a naked seventy year old man with a Prince Albert, with a stud that looks like he borrowed it from Gold’s Gym? Then there was the guy who ran the race in a hamster wheel made of PVC pipe and wire fencing. B2B also holds the record for largest footrace, in terms of number of runners. Think they were up to 70-80k at one time. When I ran, the Kenyans up front had crossed the finish line before I got across the start line.

  2. Anyone spot SPONGEMAN BOB and the ‘New’ Batwoman there? Sounds like their sort of crowd!