RE: Lima Company

A&E’s Combat Diary series featured the 3-25 Marines’ Lima Company last week, and as a result of heightened awareness of the bloodied unit, a lot of folks have been googling their way to MO’s posts on the unit:

The first post (originally from over a year ago) received this comment from a reader:

The guys and ladies fighting in Iraq are truly brave, but only a fool would go fight for this fool we call a commander and chief.

I wanted to respond to the obvious lack of clear thinking and multi-purpose compliment/insult, but decided to just let the thing lie. (Ha, Ha…”lie”…–Ed)

Even better than my rejoinder would have been, though, is this response from another reader:

So basically you are calling these “brave” men fools? You disrespect their sacrifices and the memory of the fallen.

The real fool is the one who thinks he is supporting the troops by calling them brave, but in the same breath calls them all fools.

You need to take some logic courses so you don’t come across as such an illogical fool Ricky Mac.

Calling people fools is not supporting them… even if you try to couch it in an insincere compliment.

I am a son of a Korean immigrant. And if it were not for the brave sacrifices of men, such as those in Lima Company, half a century ago, I would be sitting in a shanty in North Korea paying lip service to Kim Jong Il.

Half a century from now, I’m sure the son of an Iraqi immigrant will be saying the same thing (albeit substituting Iraq for North Korea and Sadaam for Kim Jong Il)…

Ummm, I don’t think I can top that…


  1. I just wanted to take a moment to say that if you did not see Combat Diaries: Lima Company featured on A&E, you should find a copy. I was very hesitant to watch since my husband is a Navy Corpsman assigned to 3/25 Marines Lima Company and was the corpsman for 1st Squad. The squad that was killed in August 2005 who had only two survivors, one marine and one corpsman. I knew what my husband was going through in Haditha, Iraq without him telling me and without watching the news. But when I watched that documentary, it really hit home….hard. We both sat through this presentation with mixed emotions. Was this documentary going to be accurate or will it be produced to make the Marines look bad. (Lima Company had a reporter traveling with them at one point and she made them look terrible.) At the end, we both said the documentary was done very well and would recommend it. This documentary lets those who weren’t there see what our Marines and Corpsmen went through. To understand their stress and the hardship. The average public may not understand what their purpose was in Iraq so they need to take a moment (or all day) and sit down with someone who was deployed in Iraq and let them tell you what good was accomplished with their presence. You are not given the full truth about this conflict via the news so ask someone who was there. Who better than to get the correct information from? Dont rely on hear say or rumors. To the butthole from last year who stated our service members were brave but fools…what an idiot! Obviously you have no clue about military life, duty or support. So is the fireman brave but a fool to run into fires? Is the teacher or parent brave but a fool to deal with mentally or physically challenged children? You have the right to voice your opinion, as does everyone else but an opinion is like a butthole…everyone has one and the majority of them stink. Semper Fi

  2. As a mother who’s son is a corpsman with the Marines 1/36, stationed in Hit, Iraq currently, it is good to find a site for information and movie that closely portrays life there. My son was in the reserves less then a year when he opted to go with his unit to Iraq. He said he would do whatever it took, to go with his unit and not let them down. He trained hard for several months with the Marines and the NCIS in southern California. When he arrived in Kawait and called me, I asked him if now that he was there did he have any regrets? He said absolutely not. He is proud of the work he does. They have been recruiting and training police and military Iraqi’s. He has bandaged bloody Iraqi kids who tried to warn them about IEDs and were dragged behind a car for it. Thanks to all the Marines who protect our ‘Docs’ and all the rest of us because they have a sense of country, and honor. A Thankful Corpsmans mom