Suing the Westboro loons

Father of Slain Marine Sues Church, Pastor


Attorneys for the father of a Marine whose funeral in Westminster, Md., was disrupted by members of a Kansas church who displayed signs proclaiming anti-gay statements filed a civil lawsuit in federal court in Greenbelt yesterday against the church and its pastor….The lawsuit accuses Phelps and his followers of defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

While it’s clear that the Westboro Baptist Church, headed by Fred Phelps, is a pack of lunatics, I have trouble believing that this lawsuit is going to be successful. And when it’s dismissed or the judge rules against the Marine’s father it’s going to be perceived among some as a vindication for the group and a validation of their actions.

For pics of the Westboro bunch outside of a military funeral, and the Patriot Rider-organized screen, see Outside the funeral for Sgt. Rick Herrema of Hudsonville, MI


  1. Yeah, the suit may be dismissed, but Phelps still has to hire a lawyer, and it must take up some of his time and resources to fight each one of these suits. To fight this guy, there are basically two ways – one of which is legal and one of which isn’t.

  2. ‘To fight this guy [Phelps], there are basically two ways – one of which is legal and one of which isn’t.’ says: Tom ‘Bad part is Phelps’s whole family is lawyers. They will just handle it in-house’ says: Bill Then the obvious answer is Tom’s second solution.