Big Z’s Safe Crater

This is worse than a spider hole:


For bigger version and more pics, see Strategy Page.

Plus: Special Report: Iraqi bloggers react to Zarqawi’s death at Dean’s World.

And I forgot to mention that the first response I got at work when I said “We got Zarqawi!” was an nearly-immediate “Oh, great! Now we’re going to have to listen to George Bush patting himself on the back!

Is it me, or do some people not seem to be taking this whole “war” thing seriously enough?

UPDATE: Okay, a couple more:

Apparently, liked this image, too:


So did CNN:



  1. Oh yeah! I’d take the spider hole over that any day. As for the ‘seriousness of war’ thing, I agree whole-heartedly. Too many people have already pushed it so far out of their consciousness that it’s nothing more than a stream of casualty reports on the evening news. It’s hard to believe that this is the same country with the resolve to win World War II.

  2. Al Quaida’s Jeb Stuart? Christ on a pogo stick, that’s sick. Al Quaida’s William Clarke Quantrill, maybe, and as vile as that man was, its still a stretch. The south was a lost cause, and a morally questionable one at best. Nevertheless, they had many able and honorable men serving it. To say that the cause of Islamism is morally questionable at best is a great exaggeration, and the people serving it are monsters. JEB Stuart, and most of the officers of the Confederacy would have been horrified at the practices of OBL and his ilk. To put that in a headline is stunning, more so than most objectionable headlines I’ve seen.

  3. Lets face it. The vast majority of Americans are a bunch of know-nothing fools who cant think for themselves. Why delay the inevitable, lets just give up our democracy and have the country run by ‘opinion’ polls and the mass media. Oops, too late.

  4. Since I have a problem with being too honest (And no tack) I would have told your co-worker he was an idiot! And, sadly, I must (mostly) agree with ‘buckehead’ as far as: ‘Let’s face it. The vast majority of Americans are a bunch of know- nothing fools who can’t think for themselves.’ Only I would change ‘can’t’ to ‘don’t’.