How’d they get THOSE?

Iraqi ‘Mach 3’ MiG Buried in Sand

According to this story, not all the Iraqi jets found buried in the desert were 1991 Gulf War machines. Some of them apparently are sophisticated recon versions of the Soviet Mig-25 Foxbat. If that’s true, it appears that someone may have violated UN sanctions. No wonders someone wanted to “let sanctions work” instead of invading. There are two more photos at the link above.

In JunkYardBlog, Chris Regan writes

Half the airframes in our own inventory are “cold-war” aircraft, including the F-15. The modernization programs are what matter, and it looks like this one had upgraded radar and electronics that we’ve never had the chance to disassemble and inspect before. It may sound strange, but the Russians would be in heaven if they somehow obtained a 50-yr old B-52 to inspect. It’s all about the electronics. The capture of our high-tech EP-3E Aries II sure made the ChiCom PLAAF happy, even though the base P-3C Orion is a “cold-war” airframe.

Here’s a link with far more than you ever wanted to know about MiG-25 variants. Thanks to Instapundit who directed me to JunkYardBlog.

Also, while googling for MiG-25, I came across this.