506th in Ramadi – Video

506th_ramadi.jpgHere’s a quick video showing members of the 506th regiment at work in Ramadi:

Video: Soldiers Patrol Mean Streets of Ramadi

Soldiers with the legendary 1st of the 506th Infantry Regiment from Ft. Campbell, Ky., patrol through the villages of Ramadi. Marine combat correspondent risks his own safety to show you what it’s like to be an infantryman in Iraq.

Download Soldiers Patrol Mean Streets of Ramadi (2:00 2.96MB .wmv)

Video from DVIDS.

Some time back, MO posted a pic of members of the 506th pulling security in Baghdad.

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  1. Gah, why is it always WMV9? Can’t they encode it using something a bit more cross-platform like MPG or AVI (MPEG4, XVid, whatever) – basically anything other than WMV9? That’s the only codec I’m aware of I can’t play. Not all of us are Microsoft lackeys. I used to be, but I’ve gone cold turkey and I’m not going back 😉

  2. OK, I converted it to an AVI and was able to view it. It’s pretty interesting although heavily compressed. You picked a good screenshot for the picture in this post, that guy looks pretty mean! 🙂 Anyone know what’s being fired right at the beginning of the video? It looks like an M240 to me but goes off with a huge bang. I’ve fired a .303 which is pretty similar to 7.62mm I think and it didn’t have a muzzle blast anything like that.

  3. Nicholas, no matter what platform you use, if you want to use a codec of any quality, you’ll end up having to download different players or codecs at some point. Since DivX and WMV are the only real choices for a quality stream, it’s already a certainty that some folks will have to download bits to play them. Personally, I prefer the image quality of WMV, as it’s a bit smoother, but DivX has been shown to exhibit more detail, even if it also exhibits more artifacts than WMV. Linux users have been consuming WMV content for awhile now. I think these links might help. (No, I haven’t used them myself.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MPlayer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FFmpeg

  4. KTLA, I can’t play WMV9 in Linux because there’s no source implementation available and the Windows DLL doesn’t run in 64-bit mode. What I have to do is build a 32-bit version of mencoder which CAN use the DLL (but can’t access my display) and use it to re-encode the WMV9 content to something — anything — else. I used MJPEG in this case. MPlayer comes with just about every codec under the sun, so I don’t have to download anything. So far the only one I’ve come across it can’t handle in 64 bit mode is WMV9. Which is what I keep coming across, grr. I can’t say WMV9 looks particularly great to me given some of the other codecs I have experience with such as the VP series. I use VP6 mostly myself. DIVX is OK but the bitrate is too high for my liking. Really, there are dozens of good formats, most of which work on any platform. I wouldn’t choose WMV if I wanted to reach a wide audience, there are alternatives which are just as good and more widely supported. Still, luckily I know how to get around the problem.