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Song about Marine killing Iraqis draws ire
Video appears to show GI singing about gunning down family in ‘Hadji Girl’

There is a sad, pathetic, and pitiful segment of the US population that will simply believe any accusations of atrocity made against our troops are true.

No doubt, if you ask them, they’ll claim to “support the troops but not the war”.

UPDATE: Murdoc was “ahead of the news cycle” on this one in a way. I called it a “hoax”, thinking that it was probably not a real GI in the video, without watching the video first. I was on my way out of work and didn’t have time.

My bad.

After watching it (out-of-sync at YouTube, somewhat better at LGF) I realize that there is a hoax, for sure, but it’s the media reports hoaxing us, not the singer.

Here’s a bit of a spoiler if you haven’t listened:





Then the Marine “guns down” the family. “Family”, in this case, being the ‘Hadji Girl’s’ father and brother. The ones shooting at him with AK-47s.

Why isn’t any of that mentioned in the AP/ article?



And we don’t even know for sure whether this is a real Marine. Were I a betting man, I’d say it is.

UPDATE 2: Gateway Pundit has more. And Ed Driscoll.


  1. First of all, ‘Hadji Girl’ is only a song, like ‘Maxwell Silverhammer’ is only a song. It tells a story to music, that’s all. In the ‘Hadji Girl’ song, the two Iraqi insurgents kill the little girl. The Marine kills only the killers, but to be honest, he doesn’t look too good either. After all, the Marine grabbed the first girl’s ‘little sister’ and pulled her in front of him, and she became the human shield against the insurgents’ bullets. Then, when the girl’s father and brother shoot her, the Marine ‘laughed maniacally.’ One can infer that the Marine wasn’t laughing at the girl’s death, but at the prospect of killing the two insurgents. Nevertheless, it sounds creepy. That said, the BBC does make it sound as if the Marine’s song is about a Marine killing an Iraqi girl and enjoying it. The BBC also incorrectly reports that the term ‘hadji’ is used as ‘a term of insult against Iraqis.’ ‘Hadji’ is no more an insult to Iraqis than ‘Yankee’ is an insult to Americans or ‘Brits’ is an insult to Britons. They’re nicknames, for godssake. The BBC relentlessly has opposed the liberation of Iraq. So why are we surprised when the BBC distorts the news to inspire the fascist forces in Iraq? The BBC has a long record of this.

  2. My favorite term for the English has to be ‘limey’. Supposedly because their sailors ate limes to stave off scurvey so they smelled of limes often. Another one is ‘Pom’ which comes from the writing POHM on the convicts’ clothing which stands for Prisoner of Her Majesty.

  3. Man, that’s a great damn song. What’s all the hubub bub? Much as I have contept for the overager Big Media on this story, I find Nicholas’ exhortation a wee pathetic. ‘they’re just a bunch of jerks who will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes.’ Hey, that’s great… then we can join a long and storied legacy of tyrants and organized power pimps who summarily execute journalists and other undesirables. Big ups to Ceacescu, Mao, Amin, Saddam the FARC and ARENA! Jeffersonian democracy is for weenies. Oh well. Free advice for the purge– I know several practicing journalists whose love of the First Amendment is equaled and possibly outdone by their love of the Second, and would love the chance to communicate how much they disagree with your wall idea. V

  4. Yes, it’s from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And notice I said, as Mr. Adams wrong, ‘they will be first against the wall when the revolution comes’ — I did not say ‘I would put them up against the wall’. It’s making a prediction, not a threat. I really meant it metaphorically; that if and when society comes to its senses they will be blamed for the poor course they have steered us down, the deception and the stupidity. I certainly hope so, but I’m afraid people have become such sheep they won’t realize the wool has been pulled over their eyes. (Now there’s a mixed metaphor for you!)

  5. Sorry, when I wrote ‘wrong’ I meant to type ‘wrote’. I do think there are, occasionally, good revolution where tyrants and thugs are removed from power and replaced with something better, but most revolutions are either pointless violence or counter-productive. But, I don’t think that necessarily makes all revolutions bad things. Just most of them. The American revolution is generally touted as being a good thing, no?

  6. That’s OK. You’re right to get upset by anything you feel advocates for people to behave like Caucescu, Mao or any of those other unpleasant fellows 🙂

  7. Back to the song, how did a song by one Marine, if he is a Marine, get so much attention? And assuming he is a Marine and a sane human, why does his song describe a Marine using a girl as a human shield? (Then the insurgents kill her.) Again, it’s only a song. But if his song is trying to praise the Marines, couldn’t he have thought of a more courageous course of action?

  8. It got a lot of attention because his friend posted it on youtube – that’s an extremely popular website on the web, a lot of people, from us guys to the left-wing wackos visit there – so probably one of the liberal wackos blabbed, and you got a story. But it’s just bad timing though. If Haditha hadn’t happened and if the Marine’s friend released the video still that CAIR society would have gotten a beatdown, perhaps.

  9. Frank: I understand what you’re talking about, and I don’t really disagree with you, but we need to not lose sight of what this song is: a bit of grim Marine humor caught on tape and posted for the world to see. It’s not a statement, either of what the Marines stand for or even of what this particular Marine thinks or feels. It’s very obviously just a bit of usually-unseen camaraderie and goofing off. It’s not delivered in a serious manner, nor does it appear to be meant to be taken seriously. So I guess I don’t. At the same time, I can see how it would be easily taken the wrong way by some, and I’m not all gushing ‘this is an AWESOME song!’ like some folks are…

  10. I, however, will gush about it. Did you hear how happy our troops were in the background? Any song that will help them to enjoy themselves in that hellhole is an AWESOME song. The reviews are in! NYT – I laughed. I cried. I learned to love. Roger Ebert – A song about love, betrayal, and redemption. Feel-good song of the year. Time – This song restored my hope in mankind. These quotes may be ahead of the news cycle, but my original point remains.

  11. I’m sure he was just fooling around, and I’m sure he didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about the ‘story line’ to his lyrics. So no, it’s not a song to be taken seriously. But I do wish these guys would think before allowing themselves to be videotaped. It takes less than a second for a tape like that to reach London and Baghdad. And there are too many defenders of Saddam out there who are more than willing to represent one Marine’s off-hand silliness as U.S. policy. By the way, where are the solid songs about the liberation of Iraq? It’s been more than three years, and I haven’t heard a note. Where’s the song of Fallujah? Where’s the song of Iraqi freedom? Every chapter of history has its soundtrack. So far, the Iraq war has a couple periferal tunes about 9-11, Neil Young’s surrender and ‘Hadji Girl.’ The word ‘weak’ doesn’t begin to describe this ugly music.

  12. We should all step back from the fray and listen to words of wisdom. Wasn’t it the great arab poet Necromantes who in 673 AD said: Durkha Durkha mohammed jihad Sherpa sherpa bak Allah. It wasn’t? Are you sure? Anwyway, God bless our marines. They don’t f around, even in song. THAT should be the message.

  13. They should have known they were f’in with the Marines’ Is this seriously a message we want downplayed? What the hell has happened to my country?

  14. MO, Nothing new whatsoever here. Remember the Boston Globe putting out the pictures of soldiers raping Iraqi girls on their front page awhile back? ‘Cept that the soldiers were just shmoes in costumes, the girls weren’t being raped, and the pictures were screen captures from a porn site? The editor at the time won the Berveridge Editor of the Year.

  15. Nicholas you hadn’t mentioned in your previous posting that you an Oz of convict descent. Here in NZ we call your people Jafa’s Just another Fjucking Aussie. Congratulations You had me fooled, you talk so much like a murdoc clone that I had presumed that you were a Yank.