Star Trek vs. Star Wars

“Darth Sithious”?

via Dean’s World


  1. Someone went to an awful lot of trouble here. The outcome would be much simpler: Enterprise transports 100 photon torpedoes onto star destroyer. Done and done.

  2. The tactics displayed by the ‘pride of the Imperial Navy’ were, too say the least, incompetent. How many ships did they have out there, and only one Star Destroyer and a few fighters actually fired? Kind of a gross understatement of the kind of firepower available to even a single Imperial Star Detroyer captain, who had 72 fighters at his disposal, as opposed to the only 4 or 5 shown. Long story short-Vader let Picard get away.

  3. But the imperial fleet would have a pretty tough time catching the Enterprise. While the fleet is making sure it’s astrogation progections are true and its 3 position toggle switches are properly, yyuuh, toggled, all to prepare for its jump into hyperspace, the Enterprise would have gone around the galaxy (at a speed which comes frighteningly close to instantaneously being everywhere at once), stopped off for iced tea and snacks, discovered 4 new civilizations (with Riker impregnating same), replicated its very own battle fleet, and come back to finish the fight before the ISS Isoceles was done screwing around at light speed.

  4. It is clear the people who made this video have know idea about how Stardestroyers work. In the video you will see that the Stardestroyer fires it lasers from the very tip of the front (more or less) That is where the anti fighter cannons. That means the Enterprise had its shields put down by the most pathetic guns on their ship. So if Star wars and Star Trek were really to fight The Empire would kick the Enterprise to bits!