Guest bloggers on deck

Murdoc’s preparing for a two-week trip to the Pacific Northwest to attend his (smarter) brother’s wedding and basically vacation a bit while he’s at it. Though internet access will be available most of the time and he’ll post if and when he feels like it, he’s bringing in a couple of pinch hitters to help cover the stretch.

MO would like to introduce:

  • Instapinch, a “transplanted southerner, former naval aviator, current naval reservist, single dad, right-wing reactionary and all-around adequate guy” that Murdoc had the pleasure to meet at the MilBlog conference last April. And the “former naval aviator” means F-14 Tomcats, in this case. None of that bug stuff. I had hoped that he could get me in touch with “Iceman” or Kelly McGillis or someone, but no dice.
  • Nicholas in Australia. Though he blogs a bit at Smell of Freedom, you might be more familiar with Nicholas from the comments section here at MO and on various other sites around the ‘sphere. He’s contributed mightily to discussions on MO over the past couple of years and it should be great to see him taking the lead for a bit. He’s probably gonna spell “harbor” wrong and use words like “petrol” or some such nonsense, but just play along.

They’re going to tack a “posted by” note on the end of their entries, so if they happen to get all opinionated or anything, just consider the source. Murdoc prides himself on not rocking the boat and would hate to get a “rep” because someone else said something controversial…


  1. That’s a good point, Buckethead, but I think (going by word count) he already blogs more here than I do. I’m just officially deputizing him, is all. I fully expect that a good chunk of the comments on his own posts will be his…

  2. You could have had a guest blogger live from Europe, but I can see why you went with someone from Australia instead, where much more is happening. Enjoy your trip to the software capital.

  3. buckethead : you know, half the time I just plain forget I *have* a blog. Also, I don’t think I can bear the shame of failure. Hell, maybe after this I will actually write more than one post a month… Seriously though, I have so many hobbies in addition to a full time job, my priorities have been a bit crazy lately. I hope to have a bit more ‘Total Balance’ (as our friends in Japan like to say) to my activities soon when things settle down a bit.