“The children there needed shoes”

Fallen Wyoming (MI) soldier’s legacy measured in feet

Army Spc Eric Burri was killed June 7, 2005, by a roadside bomb in Baghdad. He was a high school graduate of Kellogsville here in West Michigan. As a memorial, his family started a drive to collect shoes for Iraqi kids who had none:

Throughout his time overseas, he communicated a common theme to family back home. The children there needed shoes. Many were running around with rags on their feet or worse yet barefoot across debris strewn streets.

“The kids always seem to get caught in the middle of war, and that’s what bothered Eric,” Mike Burri said.

So the Burri family set off to organize a shoe drive in Eric’s memory. What began as a two-week push locally exploded when CNN picked up the story and broadcast it nationally.

Burri said they started with a goal of 1,000 new pairs of shoes, and have tripled that goal and gained another $2,000 in cash donations from around the country…The majority of the shoes will be distributed to orphanages, but some will go directly to Eric Burri’s unit, so they may distribute them personally.

Blackwater USA will transport the shoes to Iraq.

Murdoc lives in the city of Wyoming and, though he didn’t know Eric Burri, he’s immensely proud of his service to the country and the service his family is doing in his honor.