Missing US troops: Update

In case you haven’t already heard, the two missing soldiers were found dead, I’m afraid. And it gets worse… read the link.

This comes just after news that nearly 1000 terrorists have been killed or captured since their Capo was on the receiving end of a JDAM. At least one key figure has also bought the farm. It doesn’t sound like it’s a good time to be wanted in Iraq right now, and I predict after this latest news, it’s going to get a whole lot worse.

Disclaimer: My opinions in no way represent Murdoc’s. Remember, you’re entitled to his opinions, not mine.

Update: Some good discussion on this topic over here at MilBlogs.

—posted by Nicholas.


  1. OT: Live on FOX Senator Santorum and Congressman Huckster just announced that- Declassified: Since 2003 coalition forces have recovered 500 Chemical rounds in Iraq. Degraded Sarin and Mustard filed. More rounds expected to be found. Filled and unfilled rounds.

  2. That’s something that I’ve seen debated in a number of comment threads on this issue. The general consensus is that nobody will stand for it, even if we actually want to. Which, I think we don’t. Much better to maintain moral superiority and just work that much harder at taking the individual bastards down. However, I agree with some of the comments to the effect that ‘it’s personal now’.

  3. As horrible as the murder & mutilation of these two soldiers is, I can’t say I’m surprised. Consider the recent history of Saddam, other Mid East despots, and all their inhumane underlings treatment of their own peoples. Throw in a bit of religious zealotry or political supremicism (is that a word? LOL!) to ensure one feels like they can do no wrong, or that no act is to horrible if it leads to the defeat of the hated foreign infidels. And, this type of vicious pyschological warfare by insurgents against a militarily dominant opponent is not really new either, as many a NAM vet could attest. I haven’t read or seen much on this incident other than they were on a 3 man checkpoint, were attacked, & captured ………leading to this barbarity & violation of basic humanity. What I’m curious about is given the area the checkpoint was in, I wonder what the typical manning level for checkpoints was? Seems to me that only 3 troops at a CP is putting up a big ATTACK US sign. Did the unit Commander order this small a checkpoint, or did these guys do their own thing in violation of existing SOP? If it was the former…………I certainly think an investigation needs to be initiated into what seems to me to be a cavalier, negligent, and very risky deployment of these solders. God bless all our troops!