US Soldiers Placed Under Citizens Arrest….???

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More reaction, and pictures (NYT reporters, call your desk! Stop the presses!) to the hoards of steely eyed, robotic rabid US military invaders in Ireland!

First pictures to come out from this heinous violation of international peace! Note the American seditionists as they emerge from the River Shannon!

Special Ops.jpg

Wait….wrong picture. HERE are some of the Bushbot Storm Troppers from the Dark Side, being detained in Ennis:


This just gets better and better. More images and comment (oh yes, by all means, read the comments) at Indymedia Ireland

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The headlines of the Irish Independent Newspaper, Saturday, June 24, 2006 says it all…!


Scandalous! More heinous violations of US troops, turned into walking zombies by the stress of war? Terrorizing the hearth and homes of the good people of Ennis?

Not exactly….

SIX United States soldiers on their way home from service in Iraq were placed under citizen’s arrest after an anti-war activist spotted them walking around a town in their uniforms.

Shannon-based peace activist Conor Cregan said yesterday that he briefly detained the six on Thursday afternoon after finding them walking on the Limerick Road leading out of Ennis.

“I placed the soldiers under citizen’s arrest because these soldiers are not supposed to be walking freely on the streets of Ireland in uniform. It is a breach of the Irish Constitution and Irish neutrality, he said.

The six were part of a group of 238 troops who were forced to stay overnight on Thursday in due to technical problems experienced by their aircraft at Shannon airport.

They were staying at the West County Hotel in Ennis and met Mr Cregan near the hotel on a public footpath.

He said yesterday: “I immediately called for the six to stop and said to them ‘I am placing you all under citizen’s arrest. Do not move’.”

The men remained on the footpath as Mr Cregan contacted emergency services. “I was put through to Ennis Garda station, but the Garda (Irish Police) on duty made light of the matter,” Mr Cregan said.

Good for the Garda! Making mirth of buffoonery is always in the best interest of mankind and should always be encouraged and rewarded.

Green party leader Trevor Sargent said yesterday that US troops walking in uniform in this country “was a flagrant breach of Irish neutrality. An army of another country can’t flaunt itself in uniform and it was an important gesture by the anti-war activist to ensure that the law is being upheld,” Mr Sargent said.

Now, hopefully there will be some Ireland experts out there who may be able to shed some light on this, if any light needs to be shed. At the very worst, prepping the soldiers for interaction in the host country where there may be a rule restricting “uniformed soldiers” from appearing in public as such may need a bit of a going over, but to claim these 6 GIs were “flaunting” is more than a bit of a stretch, methinks.

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  1. Well Pinch, Not everybody here on the auld sod are rocket scientists. I’m an American (I HATE the term ‘ex-pat’) and living here in Ireland now. Just like in America, most are for us – but many are agin us. These people just make me tired – it’s hard to even work up a decent hissy fit any more – they’re EVERYWHERE! ……’Paging Gary Cooper!’

  2. james, Understand completely! Plus, I brook no problem with those who are agin’ us, as long as they do it in a rational, respectful way. This just seemed….whack-o. Thanks for writing. Pinch

  3. Pinch, that’s part of the Islands charm. The nutcases. They’re more ‘zany’ than anything else. They’ll tell you to your face they dislike you and everything you stand for, then clap you on the back, buy you a pint, and insist on hearing your side of the tale. That’s saying something! But the image of one Paddy detaining six American servicemen, for ANY reason, is downright entertaining. Likely I’ll get an earfull at Berties Pub tonight.

  4. I identify more with Ireland than any other nation of my ancestors, and yet I can point without pride to Ireland’s failure to declare war on Hitler’s Germany in World War II. Some Irish did fight the Nazis by joining British forces in Northern Ireland, but the Republic of Ireland remained ‘neutral.’ And why didn’t Ireland fight Hitler? Because Hitler was an enemy of Britain, Ireland’s traditional foe. A similarly shameful irrationality is at play today.

  5. Well, well James Hooker, Nipple Whisperer, I’m in the same boat you are. I’m a retired American who spends much of my time in Ireland thanks to an Irish wife. It seems to me the vast majority of the Irish who are ‘with us’ are the silent ones and the larger than average number who are ‘agin us’ are the big mouth, moralizing, begrudging ones who haven’t the sense to keep their bloody traps shut and take care of their own NUMEROUS failings. They certainly ‘talk the talk’ but ‘walking the walk’ appears to be beyond their capability. One Example: Ireland has a larger number of people killed in motor vehicle accidents every year, per head of population, than the state of New Jersey. WHY: One reason is a learner driver in Ireland must be accompanied by a licensed driver after applying for their FIRST permit. That makes sense. Doesn’t it? BUT: After that learner FAILS their driving test they (by law) are allowed to drive solo and they can renew their permit numerous times. I know some people who have been driving over 10 years ‘solo’ with only a learner’s permit. Now, for another example of the quaint Irish mental process access this article in the Sunday Times:,,2765-2242145,00.html Go figure!

  6. Toe One way I shut up some of them in the bar, is ask them how they would react if an islamobagofshit pancakes a jumbo in the middle of Grafton Street during the Christmas rush. They do think a few seconds, then the Guinness fog clears away a bit. Then I add that their country is around 90 something percent Catholic and therefore not exactly immune to this happening. Got a couple of free pints that way.

  7. Shipmates, Well, there’s actually a very simple solution to the entire situation. Since the United States is at war, and ireland is a declared neutral country, then the United States should at once forbid any and all US Citizens from travelling to or through Ireland, and cease all trade immediatley with them. Ireland may, of course, maintain an embassy here, and we there, but other than that, they can sod off. See how they feel about losing those American tax dollars for a change. make it especially hard on the brewers, you know? It makes me really pissed, this does, as I wanted to visit there and see where my ancestors cam from, but they can pack it in now. Respects, AW1 Tim

  8. Hey, at least it gave them something to do during their wait! I wouldn’t mind if people did that to me when I was bored out my skull. Maybe we could employ hippies in airports to simply do a ‘comedy security’ patrol on top of usual security. Just to liven up the dreariness of the wait.

  9. Erm, those don’t look like any serviceMEN to me. Is my eyesight failing? Those looks like serviceBABES and I wouldn’t arrest them, I’d take them out for a nice dinner! You guys have any plans for invading Australia? ’cause most of the pictures of female troops I’ve seen are pretty hot. I don’t think they’d meet much resistance. Note: ammend the invasion plan, make sure they bring surf boards. Don’t worry about beer. That will be provided.

  10. B, My first thought, and one I just can’t shake. And as another poster notes, they don’t look like serviceMEN to me. Must have made him feel like a big man, not only to confront Bu$Hitler’s monstrous war machine, but to bully chicks too. Which brings me to my second thought that I can’t shake: how they managed not to mash his fucking face in, I’ll never know.

  11. fuck this godforsakin war on a country that obviously had no way of doing anything to our country! If anythingthing we as real people who believe in this country need to start revolution now! Whenever andhowever we can.Between Bu$h and shithead ‘can’t even take care of his own countries disastors would rather be on vacation’Bu$h Jr,we have a country now scorned by most!This has been a war of oppertunity for oil industries blowing vast amounts of oil products,to blow countries and humanbeings up!THE END MAY BE NOW!

  12. Heh, the dude just went up to six military type, in uniform, and announce that they are under ‘citizen’s arrest’. The soldiers were being polite to the crazy person. That’s why he didn’t get an ass whupping. Six to one is only unfair to the six if the one guy’s Asian, and is named Bruce Lee. Hey Skye, the sky is also falling. Didn’t you get the memo? BTW, this revolution thing, are ya trying to start it with the will of the people, or guns? Just to remind you again, our side got all the guns, you got placards and tofu. Icepick the Mad!

  13. Goddamn Irish, smelly treehuggers, manhandling our bitches. Although the article says there were men present and the pictures came later. So what, we’re whuppin (or should that be pounding) ass. Never let the truth deflect us. My wife/sister read the article for me, and I’m so pissed I could scream and wail like a little girl. Think I’ll go strum my banjo some, to cool me down. Stupid fuckin paddies… Maybe if we hung some of em…