Crisis/Opportunity in the ‘stans?

Bill Roggio continues his sterling run of reporting from Afghanistan over here at the Counterterrorism Blog.

 As the Coalition ramps up its forces and adds another 9,000 troops to the southeastern theater, the Taliban continues to take a pounding on the battlefield. The security situation in the region is fluid, but the Coalition is clearly gaining the upper hand as it moves forces and devotes energy into regions largely ignored by the central Afghan government. … But the security situation in Afghanistan cannot be viewed in a vacuum … The Talibanization of western Pakistan continues.

Go check it out. I don’t know why Murdoc doesn’t have Bill’s site on his list of “Jacked up Battle Buddies”, perhaps he will add it some time. I definitely recommend you check it out, anyway.

On a seperate note, sorry about the lack of posting recently, but don’t worry, Lesser Known GWoT Allies #3 will be up soon. Many thanks to Pinch for taking the load over the last couple of days with his excellent run of posts.

—posted by Nicholas.