Oops…He Did It Again…..

I swear….Murdoc needs a “Murtha” category….

Murtha says U.S. poses top threat to world peace

MIAMI — American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said to an audience of more than 200 in North Miami Saturday afternoon.

Taking out the name “Murtha” from the above paragraph, you’d think that quote came from some US-hating Eurodweeb or from a state-run mouthpiece in North Korea or even the mullocracy in Iran itself. But no, this is one of the leading democrats in our nation, the champion of the hard-core left. A man who wants to be Majority leader, the number 2 position in the House, should the dems win back that branch of congress this coming November.

Keep that in mind.

Murdoc was right – send money to this man and make sure he gets out on the stump nationwide, so he can keep this up!

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  1. U.S. poses top threat to world peace taking this quote from above out of context (to make my point only), i not only say hell yes, my gripe is we aren’t threat enough. gov’t of/by/for the people……..your kidding right? cause that is never going to work? considering the rest of the world leadership, the prince of caracas, the dumbasses in tehran/damascus, rwanda has a winner, the dear leader, cubah, putin, and whoever is driving china’s rudder, and the best i can say is they all act like petulant teenagers. and make no mistake about it, they CONTROL their countries. imo, as long as their is a breath of liberty, it will always be a threat to tyranny. and of the countries leaders i mentioned above just how many have an immigration problem????? my opinion: The whole point of Jacksonianism is ‘You leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. You play fair with me and I’ll play fair with you. But if you f**k with me, I’ll kill you.’ the USA is a threat my a##. all we’re doing is sitting on our hands.

  2. The only peace much of the rest of the world ever sees is the peace of the dead. The United States (standard disclaimer: depite flaws, yada yada) is the only nation actually doing something to give people some other options, peacewise.

  3. Technically he is right. Say you were some dictator out to gain some breathing room. Who is your top threat? the US. Its not like Europe is going to do anything to disrupt your plans. A credible threat of action can both be used to defend or threaten world peace. For example – Belgium is no threat to world peace because it has no capasity & will to threaten or defend world peace. France has a marginal capasity but no will to threaten or defend world peace. That said – Maybe Murtha should change his name to Willie Horton. This man must either be a republican in disguise or a manifestation of democrats inability to win national locations.

  4. immagration problems? Russia and China have significant immagration problems. Russia – Millions of Chinese are moving into far east Russia. Its kind of a demographic invasion. China – About 5 million North Korean’s have crossed the border.

  5. james, what you’re describing is a shell game, not immigration. if you’re talking about the western border area of the northeastern bulb of china, the boxer rebellion area, this type of movement has been going on for centuries. that is migration, not immigration. maybe immigration was the wrong word to use. the exodus from rwanda/sudan while it is a movement of indigenous people from one region to another, was not the ‘type’ of immigration i was speaking to.

  6. CORRECTION***************************** The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has retracted its false report that Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) called the United States the greatest threat to world peace: Correction: An article in Sunday’s editions misinterpreted a comment from U.S. Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., at a town hall meeting in North Miami on Saturday. In his speech, Murtha said U.S. credibility was suffering because of continued U.S. military presence in Iraq ,and the perception that the U.S. is an occupying force. Murtha was citing a recent poll, by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, that indicates a greater percentage of people in 10 of 14 foreign countries consider the U.S. in Iraq a greater danger to world peace than any threats posed by Iran or North Korea.

  7. This story has taken so many twists and turns, if you blink, you’ll miss the next turn. New developments are being being tracked at this news site: http://theinfozone.net/JohnMurtha.html A notable development: The original Sun-Sentinel’s article written by Elizabeth Baier, has been removed from their site and replaced with Ms. Baier’s revised story. If any of you bookmarked Sun-Sentinel’s original article that has made them famous for their ‘the shot heard around the world’, check your bookmarked page now. The significance of this is rather overwhelming. This weeks’ hysteria, and subsequent retractions and corrections is over something that ‘never happened’. Interesting to note, it retains the original publication date June 25, 2006, and The Sun-Sentinel did not note this story is a revision. Cliff Hancuff The World of Journalism is Flat, Too