Help Murdoc date this Bremerton photo

While checking out locations in the Seattle area (where I’m vacationing), I noticed this photo offered on Windows Live Local (currently viewable here):

click for better view

I see three Essex-class carriers, two Iowa-class battleships, and the USS Midway (CVA 41). The battleships must be the New Jersey and the Missouri before their reactivation in the 80s, putting this photo between 1969 and 1982. But the Midway wasn’t retired until 1992, so I’m wondering what this pic is.

Note the stern of the carrier on the far right…it’s “bent” looking. At first I wondered if it might be the Antietam (the test-bed for the angled flight deck), but apparently not. I can’t figure out what ship that is. Does that help anyone?

One final clue is a super carrier getting some significant work of some sort (at right).

I’m sure that there are many other clues for the knowledgeable readers of MO. I’m obviously guessing here, and rather badly as far as my internet research can show me. Let me know what you think (and why).

Once we get this one nailed down we’ll take a look at another older pic of the area, so be sure to check back.

I think we’ll be seeing services that not only show you aerial (or satellite) photos of a particular area, but of a particular area at a particular time. There have got to be warehouses of imagery available, and at some point someone will try to make money by publishing it.


  1. Hay Murdock Its the mid 90’s, Midway and Missouri Decommed in 92 and Missouri left for Hawaii in 98 Rob Laughlin Murrieta CA>

  2. More Its 92-93, I was reminded that USS Ranger decommed in the end of 93 and she is not in the picture. the birdfarm in the drydock is also not her Rob Laughlin Murrieta

  3. I was going to say I went aboard the USS Missouri when it was there in the summer of ’95, but Rob has got much better info than I do.

  4. all those carriers in one spot. hmmmmmmm i’d say dec. 6, 1941. and it ain’t pearl.

  5. According to the USGS, the source of the image, it was taken on 7/7/1994. Google earth show three carriers there currently.

  6. Try craigslist personals. You can get a date with a real live woman rather then a photo. 😉

  7. Woooo! A famous blogger in MY neck o’the woods! I’m just south of the ‘Seattle area’. Don’t know about the pic, but friend gave me a jacket that came from someone on the USS Ranger. My favorite jacket, ever. Now the jacket got the Punisher’s logo on it, with ’24’ on it for the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry (Duece Four, the Punishers) based out of Ft. Lewis. That said, have fun in the ‘Seattle area’! Icepick the Mad!

  8. Heh, try Gig Harbor, small (liberal) town charms, half the size of Tacoma, double the snob population! If Disney makes Snobland theme park, that’d be it. Icepick the Mad!