Apology / MacDill Thunderbolt

First off, please let me apologise that many of my posts (esp. Lesser Known GWoT Allies) were not being formatted properly for Internet Explorer users. I use Linux myself and as such don’t have easy access to IE in order to test my posts. I had assumed that IE should render my HTML properly since I wasn’t doing anything too advanced, and that viewers would let me know if it wasn’t working properly. Well, when I assume, it makes an ass out of u and me.

The main problems were that the images, which were supposed to flow down the right-hand side of the article, were overlayed on top of each other, and the text alignment was not working properly. They should all be fixed now. Please let me know if anyone has further problems with the layout. And I do intend to continue the Lesser Known GWoT Allies series with at least one more post, but it takes quite a bit of time to put together, so it will be a few days. By the way, all the comments I got on those articles were about the part which appeared on the main page. Don’t forget that there’s a lot more if you click to read the entry! Hopefully people are reading the rest, but not commenting on it, rather than not reading it at all.

Anyway, the main thrust of this post is this: I updated the latest GWoT Allies post when Murdoc forwarded a message to me from one of the reporters whose articles I linked. They referred me to the MacDill Thunderbolt newspaper, a commercial paper oriented towards the 6th Air Mobility Wing and the military in general. It seems like an interesting read and you may want to check it out. I had read the article they wrote without actually browsing the site to see the rest, which I probably should have done, especially as there was another relevant article for my GWot Allies post there. (Check out the post itself, below, if you’re curious about that).

—posted by Nicholas.