Murtha Correction…?

Reader Zapper passed on this South Florida Sun-Sentinel correction to their article (blogged on Murdoc here) that reported Rep John Murtha (D-PA) stated the United States is “…more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran”.

Instead, the Sun Sentinel corrects, Murtha was “misinterpreted”:

Murtha was citing a recent poll, by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, that indicates a greater percentage of people in 10 of 14 foreign countries consider the U.S. in Iraq a greater danger to world peace than any threats posed by Iran or North Korea.

Color me unimpressed. Murtha has a long track record over this last year or so of hyping the worst of the US situation in southwest Asia, the least of which would be his automatic, pre-investigation condemnation of his former service, the US Marine Corps, and the events that occurred in Haditha. Other prime examples are his constant rambling that we cannot win this thing, the forces are trashed, morale is low, etc so on and so forth.

Balderdash, all.

As far as this Pew Poll goes, I’ve never been one to be too concerned about how “other” nations perceive the United States and what/how we do things. A nod in the direction that this can be a slippery slope in some cases with regards to the international community we exist in, but that’s how it is, folks. I’m not concerned that other nations think we pay too little in taxes, have too many cars, spend too much on our military, export too much of our culture (people conveniently forget that other nations gladly accept those cultural exports), are too concerned with terrorism, over concerned about freedom and democracy around the globe, etc. The case is crystal clear, as far as I’m concerned, that something had to be done in Southwest Asia, because if it had been allowed to fester and develop along its own clear-cut lines, in a very short time we’d be facing a much more significant, dangerous and deadly threat from radical islamic terrorism.

So, correction noted, fine, wonderful, got that check in the block. Doesn’t change things with regards to Rep. Murtha, though, in my opinion.

Busy news cycle today, so wanted to get this out. The Hamdan decision is at the top of the fold, now.


  1. As someone else has pointed out before, the US is always going to be hated due to your large image and commanding economic/political/military position. It’s very simple-minded, but people are mentally lazy these days and just hate whomever it’s easiest to vent on.

  2. Well thanks for your garbage dump. Actual members of the marines talk to Murtha. As a 37 year marine veteran, and war hero, he knows of which he speaks. And he hasnt said anything that our enemies didnt already believe. ‘something had to be done in Southwest Asia, because if it had been allowed to fester and develop along its own clear-cut lines, in a very short time we’d be facing a much more significant, dangerous and deadly threat from radical islamic terrorism.’ What does that mean, becouse your clearly not talking about Iraq?

  3. Zapper, I am not taking one iota away from Rep Murtha’s service. He served honorably, and as such should be afforded the respect that befits such service. But at the same time I have no problem whatsoever applying a critical lens to his comments of today. He has flat out said some simply incredibly idiotic things on his part with regards to the Iraq war, the least of which is claiming we could ‘redeploy’ to Okinawa from Iraq and still be able to get back in an expeditious enough way to make a difference should we be needed (guess he’s too busy with CodePink to remember Japan and the US have been working to reduce the US presence on Okinawa – but what’s a little fact like that when you are a big-dog on the Dem’s anti-war porch?). Now, one does NOT have to be a military logistics genius, schooled in the mechanics of Time-Phased-Force and Deployment capabilities or be knowledgeable about the Maximum-On-Ground (MOG) capabilities of Okinawa or know squat about the US heavy-airlift capabilities to know that was a crock of shit. Besides – that’s nearly 5,000 miles from Baghdad to Oki. Nobody goes ANYWHERE fast when you have a 5,000 mile trip, sport. Same when you examine this ‘redeployment’ crap when compared to the principles’ of war, that time-tested set of tenets that you do *not* screw with if you plan on winning (look it up if you aren’t familiar with them). For just a few, ‘Surprise’ would be out the window – tough to surprise anyone when you have to load up a few dozen C-17’s in Kadena, or even mount a significant force from Turkey or Qatar. ‘Security’ would be toast since we would lose the ‘boots on the ground’ intelligence element that is so essential in today’s battles. As far as your last comment, you should know that your ignorance is no excuse if you plan on discussing such issues on an open forum. I *am* talking about Iraq – in part – along with the rest of the region. I do not have a) the time b) the space nor c) the patience to give you a history lesson about that region and what it could (still could, should we listen to Murtha) have evolved into and the impact to our own national security and the world economy should that part of the world go further into islamofascist chaos. Those regimes thrive on failed states, on the weak or lack of any organized governmental entities. Give that computer back to your parents and get your ass to summer school. If you do by chance have a degree in something, demand a refund, cause you got gypped. Pinch

  4. Zapper, have a chance to check out the video of Murtha’s statement? Seems that the ‘correction’ needs a bit of correction.