Daily casualty ticker quieter these days

Has anyone noticed that the daily reports of “two dead in grenade attack” and “US soldier killed in ‘Sunni Triangle'” have really slowed down? I think there’s two main reasons for that. One, we’re not conducting a major “offensive” against the bad guys right now, so the opportunities to take potshots at Americans aren’t as common. Secondly, the last round of sweeps (such as Ivy Serpent) killed and captured a lot of bad guys, and took a lot of weapons off the streets. Sure, there are a lot of guerilla types out there yet, and actually getting all the AK-47s and RPGs is basically impossible. But we’ve made a lot of progress, I think.

There’s also the deaths of Uday and Qusay, you’ll remember. While I don’t think they probably had a strong direct involvement in the irregular attacks on our troops, I imagine that a lot of Saddam loyalists have to be demoralized by their loss.

We won the war. We are winning the peace.